What Your Weight Set Point is Telling You

What Your Weight Set Point is Telling You


Every thing in our life has a set point; your money, your success level, and even your weight.


When you examine your past and graph out your weight ranges and the duration of time that you weighed in those specific ranges, you will learn a lot about your weight set point.


For me, I have two very defined weight set points. These two set points are weights in which my body gravitates back to, if I don’t rewire them at the energetic and subconscious level. The first weight range is 160-169, which for my height is considered overweight. The second is 140-145, which is considered within a healthy range for my height (5’2″) and age.


When I graph out my weight over my adult years, it looks like a bell curve:


I have spent most years of my life at 16-169 range or 140-145. As you can see my weight 127-129 was as brief a stay as when I weighed 195 at age 13.


When I set out on my Synergy Weight Release Journey (dismissing diets, in favor of utilizing the power of the body, mind, and spirit connection) I immediately set my goal for 140. It was an automatic thought process, because I knew 140 was attainable even though it had been a number of years since I weighed 140.


Why wouldn’t I choose 135 or 125? Both are within a normal healthy weight range for me.


Without realizing it, I subconsciously set my goal to be consistent with an old set point. This old set point not only has been wired in my body but by holding on to this old set point, I also hold on to old patterns and stories that are congruent with this set point.


I achieved my goal in less than a year, and now I am retraining my body and mind to create a new weight set point; as I have broke through the barrier of the 140 mark and am now in the 130’s.  As I write this blog a light bulb went off. Once I realized what I had done, and decided to break the old set point, a funny thing happened – I noticed my hunger level drop. Last night I wasn’t all that hungry at dinner time, so I opted for some yogurt and fruit. This is what happens when you begin to shift out of the old and into the new!


Your weight set point can tell you about your past, your stories, and your limiting beliefs. For me this is a perfect example of me buying into an old story that I will always be that chubby little Italian girl, and that I could never be slender. At 140 I still felt a little chubby, although content, certainly not thin by any means. But it sure beats 175 where I was a year and a half ago. But now it’s time to delete this old story and this old weight set point.  125 here I come!


Watch for my next blog post where I will go into details as to how to change your weight set point.


Until then….happy trails!


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7 comments on “What Your Weight Set Point is Telling You

  1. What a great post! I’m a personal trainer and have seen this same thing in clients-they think they can only get to a certain point because of something in their past. I’m glad you’ve been able to identify that and are continuing to see results. Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey!

  2. Hi Maryann
    I’ve long thought that there’s more to successful weight loss than eating less and moving about more. Yes that works, of course, but not necessarily permanently or easily…and why should it be difficult?! I’m really looking forward to hearing more about our body’s weight set point, and more importantly, how we change the way we think and subconsciously believe so we can make permanent body changes. Great post! Blessings, Andrea

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