The Top 15 Benefits of Life Coaching

The Top 15 Benefits of Life Coaching


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Before I list the top 15 benefits of life coaching, I will talk a bit about coaching in general. Life Coaching, weight release coaching, soulmate attraction coaching, career coaching, etc, all have one thing in common, and that is to trigger a transformation in the person who is receiving the coaching.  There are a couple roads you could take to achieve your desired transformation, the first being the road of going at it alone. This road can get you there but most of the time it will take a great deal of time and a lot of trial and error to find your way. The other road is to enlist the help and support of a teacher, coach, or mentor. Taking this road can actually enhance your journey. Not only can you expect to achieve your desired outcome quicker this way then going at it alone, but you can also expect an increase in your own personal awareness level and increase in your growth.

Twenty years ago, before I went to massage therapy school, I started reading books like The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield, Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra, and Creative Visualizations by Shakti Gawain.  These books started me on my path. Back then I only read books and did my own thing. But once I entered massage school a whole new world opened up for me! I began attending workshops and classes, and I hired teachers, coaches, and mentors.  Once I enlisted the help of others, I saw my transformations take off to unbelievable heights!  I effortlessly manifested a job with Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center for Well  Being, all while living thousands of miles away! Talk about the Universe Organizing my world for my benefit! That’s what can happen when you invest in you and move onto the faster road to your growth. I’ve come up with the top 15 benefits of life coaching (not in any particular order), they’re  listed below.


The Top 15 benefits of Life Coaching:

  1. Improved health and wellness
  2. Improved self esteem
  3. Increased motivation
  4. Increased confidence
  5. Increased productivity
  6. Improved relationships
  7. Discovery of Blocks and areas of resistance that have prevented you from succeeding
  8. Clearing of subconscious programs that have held you back
  9. Elimination of self sabotage
  10. Increase in the synchronicities that show up in your life
  11. Helping you to stay on track and keep you accountable
  12. Identify and set goals
  13. Design an action plan to achieve goals
  14. Become empowered by deleting old limiting beliefs, fears, and old stories
  15. Increased sense of self love and acceptance


Enlisting the help of others can increase your growth exponentially.  Your coach or mentor sees things in you that you may not see, and through careful discovery work, you will be able to uncover many issues that are at the source of your road blocks.  Once those core issues are unveiled, clearing is then possible.


Imagine what it would feel like to achieve everything you want in your life.  Think about it right now.  How would your life change if your roadblocks were torn down?  How would your life change if you were finally able to release the weight, or change your wealth set-point, or attract your ideal romantic partner? Wouldn’t it be nice if it happened sooner rather than later?


If you would like to learn more about working with a coach or a mentor, I would be honored to be by your side.  If you’d like to set up a time to talk about how coaching can help you transform you life, your body, or your relationships, Contact me and we can have a chat!

Have a great day….here’s to your transformation!


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  1. I think life coaching rocks! It’s also important to find someone who you resonate with, and one way is reading what they write about. When I’ve managed to manifest my new abundant lifestyle I would certainly still have a life coach. You rock, Maryann! Blessings. Andrea

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