Top 11 Tips on How to Make Peace with Sugar

Top 11 Tips on How to Make Peace with Sugar


Peace with sugar

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In my last blog I talked about how sugar is not the enemy. Today I’d like to share with you my top 11 tips on how to make peace with sugar. Like I said before, sugar is not the enemy (well, it is if you’re a diabetic) but…

Sugar is the Enemy when…

  •   * you overindulge on it
  •   * you are unable to control yourself around it
  •   * you become addicted to it
  •   * you use it as a substitute for other needs that aren’t being fulfilled


So to make peace with sugar, here are some must do’s:

  1. Erase everything you’ve been taught about weight loss, deprivation, and willpower 

  2. Give yourself permission to eat sweets in moderation 

  3. When you do eat sweets, take smaller portions 

  4. Eat slowly, mindfully, and be very conscious 

  5. Release the guilt about eating sweets 

  6. If you find that you’re eating dessert out of habit, or to fill some kind of void – pause for 90 seconds and tune in 

  7. Make eating the sweet treat a choice rather than a compulsion 

  8. Be flexible, ask yourself if there are any healthier alternatives that would satisfy you at that time 

  9. Set your intention to decrease your need for sweets, and work to clear any subconscious programs

  10. When feeling an urge for sweets – ask yourself if it’s a craving or simply a desire

(Cravings come on suddenly, they are insatiable, and very difficult to control. Where as a natural

desire is a thought, a slight feeling, and it’s not the end of the world if you pass on dessert)

    11. Be patient, allow yourself transition time, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Experiencing a mindset shift takes time

because you are literally rewiring your brain and learning a new normal!


When you begin accepting and allowing, being conscious and mindful, sugar will lose it’s grip on you. When you begin using powerful clearing and rewiring tools like EFT, you’ll reach your “New Normal” at hyperspeed!

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