Tempeh Recipes

Tempeh Recipes


tempeh recipes

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If you’ve never tried tempeh, you absolutely must try this nutty tasting vegetarian delight!  Tempeh is made by fermenting whole soybeans.  It’s even a healthier option than tofu because of the fact that it’s fermented.  Tempeh is pretty much a super food, and it’s packed with protein and fiber.  Those two qualities help you to feel full longer and that will definitely help you in your weight release efforts!   Other benefits include that it’s easy to digest, it’s low in sodium, and it contains natural antibiotics.  Because tempeh is one of my favorite foods, I am going to share some tempeh recipes with you.

If you’ve never tried tempeh, why don’t you try preparing it for your Meatless Mondays and see what you think.  There are some excellent recipes out there, which I have included links to the recipes!

I love tempeh and I am confident you will too.


Some Yummy Tempeh Recipes:

Tempeh with Cabbage and Onions –  This recipe is simple and delicious!

Dijon Mustard Marinated Tempeh – What doesn’t taste delicious with Dijon mustard – this recipe is on my list to make next week!

Tempeh Sausage Crumbles – This is one of my ALL TIME favorite tempeh recipes from Isa Chandra of the Post Punk Kitchen – I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her vegan cookbooks.

Ranch Salad with Buffalo Tempeh – Another one of Isa’s Rock Star vegan recipes.  This is on my list to make for sure!

Tempeh “chicken” Salad – Who doesn’t love a great mock chicken salad?

Barbequed Tempeh – This dish looks flippin’ amazing! When you’re in the mood for barbeque, try this one, you may discover that you can delight your taste buds without clogging your arteries.  (And you’d be making a pig or cow very happy) Smile

So let me know your thoughts on any of these recipes.  I love cooking healthy and will be sharing my finds with you, so make sure to sign up either for my newsletter, or to receive notifications every time I post a new blog post!



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  1. Maryann, thank you for sharing these recipes. I’ve been curious about tempeh but have never tried it. My husband and I have been slowly incorporating more meatless meals into our week, so we’ll have to give one of these a try. Thanks again.

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