The Zen of Weight Release

The Zen of Weight Release


EssjayNZ / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

The Zen of Weight Release has nothing to do with losing weight. When you think of yourself “losing weight”, do you have visions of yourself at the gym in baggy sweat pants, sweating in all the wrong places, and gasping for your next breath of air, while the twenty something sorority girl running full speed on the treadmill besides you is barely breaking a sweat? 


Do you also associate losing weight with deprivation, diets, long forgotten willpower, and anal retentive portion control?


Well that’s how many people envision losing weight. When you lose the word “lose”, and replace it with “release” you are one step closer to letting go of extra weight. 


The Zen of Weight Release is not a physical discipline that can be taught by the weight trainer at the gym, or by your Weight Watchers Instructor. The Zen of Weight Release is actually the practice of studying the mind and seeing into the nature of who you are.   read more