Step 7 (Re-Create): Independence From Food Obsessions

Step 7 (Re-Create) to Achieve Independence From Food Obsessions


Weight releaseThis is the final step on the road to gaining  freedom from your food obsessions.  The previous steps were: Tuning in, Discovery, Clearing, Releasing, Loving, and Attracting.


Step 7 is Re-create.


“The secrets to change, is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~ Socrates


Now it’s time to do it!  This is the step where you put it all together and go forth with your plan to integrate the steps to wholeness and alignment. Keeping your inspirational vision front and center with a transformed mindset, living as a healthy person, knowing you are well on your way to your goals!


What you are experiencing during this transformation, is not only a transformation of your body, but of your mind, and spirit as well. You are rewiring your neural networks thus creating a new normal. read more