Law of Attraction and Weight Release: You Are Here to Seek Joy

Law of Attraction and Weight Release: You Are Here to Seek Joy


lawofattraction seekjoyToday’s Abraham Law of Attraction Card is Welcome to Planet Earth; You are Here to Seek Joy…

This message, for me, reminds me to be easy and not sweat it!  I for one, can be quite nervous at times. When I was approaching menopause 35 lbs overweight, I began to panic. Thoughts of the latest craziest diet fad entered my mind, after that my mind drifted towards the old faithfuls that have proven to work for me in the past (in the short run), all because I was facing the high anxiety of getting older. I kept hearing in my head this loud voice shouting, “what if I can’t lose weight at my age?”  Talk about panic mode!


Well instead of falling victim to my panic and my fears, I decided to seek calmness, and joy.  I made a point to be appreciative of my life and that included my journey of having a weight problem. read more

Law of Attraction & Weight Release: Your Story

Law of Attraction & Weight Release: Your Life Story


lawofattraction-storyToday’s Law Attraction card is “I Will Tell My Story as I Want it to BE…

When it comes to optimizing the Law of Attraction for weight release, you will want to revise and improve the content of the story you tell every day of your life.

As challenging as it may be, it’s important to rid yourself of those words, thoughts, and actions that support the message that you’re overweight.  I totally understand how it doesn’t feel like truth to say “I am so thin and fit” when you’re 60 pounds overweight. But the idea behind telling an improved version of the “I’m 60 lbs overweight and feel really fat!” story is that your energy vibration will begin to shift to the new and improved story.

Rather than say something that totally throws you off the rails, like saying how thin you are, try softening the old “…I’m fat…” story by inching your way closer to the desired story of “I’m thin and fit!”  Here’s one way you can improve your story today, start thinking and saying:

“I’m on my way to improved health! With each new day I am feeling better, eating healthier, and exercising more. I am excited to watch the positive changes occur in my body and my energy level.”


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Law of Attraction and Weight Release: Directing Your Thoughts

Law of Attraction and Weight Release: Directing Your Thoughts


lawofattraction-directingthoughtsToday’s Law of Attraction Card is:  I am developing the skills to direct my thoughts.  When it comes to weight release and Law of Attraction this is the foundation.  It sounds easy right? Well for many people it takes training and practice to be the Masters of Thoughts, especially when it comes to our bodies or weight.  It can feel like an uphill battle to feel good about yourself when you recently put on 40 pounds, I know, I’ve been there. But it’s important to work towards this goal.


The most valuable skill you could ever develop is that of directing your thoughts towards what you want and to have an increased awareness level to realize when you’re slipping down the slippery slope of negative thinking. Sometimes negative thinking creeps up on you so fast that you don’t even realize you’re falling victim to the negative. I recently had a strategy session with a coach regarding money and business success, and I couldn’t believe the stories I have been telling myself, not to mention the level of my vibration regarding money and success. Holy Cow, and I am a certified Law of Attraction Coach!  But for so many of us coaches, we spot it in others, but don’t always see it in ourselves.

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Law of Attraction and Weight Release: Problems & Solutions

Law of Attraction and Weight Release – Problems & Solutions


LOA-problems-solutionsAs a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, specializing in weight release, I thought it would be quite appropriate to write a series of blog posts on the subject of law of attraction and weight release.  I will be pulling cards from the Abraham Hicks Card deck Money, and the Law of Attraction, while explaining how the message pertains to weight release.


The card today is The Law of Attraction Adds Power to Both Problems and Solutions.


This is a very powerful message. Many people think that Law of Attraction isn’t working for them when they don’t manifest what they want. However that is the farthest from the truth. Law of Attraction is always working; what’s happening is that your vibrational frequency simply isn’t aligned to what you are desiring.   read more

Step 6 to Achieve Independence From Your Food Obsessions

Step 6 to Achieve Independence From Your Food Obsessions


rockymountainhigh / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

The past 5 days I went over the first 5 steps to achieve freedom from food obsessions. They were:

Step 1 – Tune in

Step 2 – Discover

Step 3 – Clear

Step 4 – Release

Step 5 – Love


And the 6th step to rid yourself from food obsessions is Attract.

That’s right, using attraction principles and Universal laws, like the Law of Attraction is a very important step to achieving your goals. When you are in vibrational alignment with your goals, both on a conscious and subconscious level, you have now created the pathway for the manifestation of your desires.  The best way to understand this concept, is imagine that you are on your way to the park. You have directions there, but for some reason you take the road to the right, instead of the road to the left, like the map shows. The road to the left would have taken you straight to the park, but the road to the right takes you to a completely different, and unwanted place.  You see, alignment and energy works the same way. In order to achieve your desires, you must be in energetic alignment (on the same wave length or path) with the desire, in order for it to manifest.

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