Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Water is the very essence of life and drinking water for weight loss will not only assist you in your efforts, but your body will thank you!

You can live for a long time without food (protest hunger strikers have survived for over 10 weeks without anything to eat), but no-one can survive more than a few days without water.

Water serves many purposes for us. Your body uses water for movingdrinking water for weight loss the necessary nutrients to the places in your body that need them, and removes waste material from your body as well. It also helps the various organs in your body communicate with one another by providing a medium through which they can send electrical impulses to one another.

Here’s a very important fact. A 5% reduction in bodily hydration will equate to a 20% fall in usable energy levels, which if you are exercising is a very serious consideration!

Water has zero calories, and as long as the water that you are drinking is alkaline water, it helps to offset the natural acidity of your body too.

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The Perfect Quote

The Perfect Quote – for Your Weight Loss Goals

Have you ever come across a quote that describes a key element to what you’re feeling or discovering about yourself?  A quote that represents what is needed to achieve your weight loss goals?

Well since on the journey of truly discovering the keys to successful weight release I have stumbled upon a quote that could sum it allweight loss goals up in one simple sentence.  Not only does it apply to weight loss, but it applies to everything in life that we have not been able to achieve.  It perfectly articulates the event horizon within ourselves and our fear in letting go of old programs that keep us blocked. It encourages us to be brave when we come across those brick walls, and leads us to the place where we can find the sledge hammer.

“In order to access a warrior’s courage, we must explore why we are so committed to our story and what we are afraid will happen if we give it up.” — Debbie Ford

Those seemingly unattainable goals; it could be our food obsessions and weight problems, it could be lack of financial abundance, it could be our repeated failed relationships.  Anything really that is within us that we want to break free from.

The key lies in the discovery of what keeps us in our old story and what we are afraid of losing if that story changes.

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EFT for Weight Loss – Living to Eat – instead of eating to live

EFT for Weight Loss:  Living to Eat – instead of eating to live


Wow had a breakthrough in this EFT for weight loss session! Amazed at what came up when I tapped on Living to Eat instead of Eating to Live, but I am a Foodie and don’t want to lose that part of me! (maybe I don’t have to)

Transformational experience!  WooHoo!

See you next time,

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EFT for Weight Loss – Day 8 – When I see Food I want to eat it!

EFT for Weight Loss – Day 8 – When I see Food I want to eat it!

EFT for Weight loss is a magical living miracle!  Time to get your Sexy back – Today I feel great, down 1 1/2 lbs, but feeling spectacular ~ sexy ~ confident ~ beautiful! Woohoo.  Just releasing some old BAGGAGE can do a lot and not just talking about the pounds.  When we use EFT for weight loss, we actually clear core issues that are at the heart of many of our eating issues.  On day 7 I had a memory from Physical Ed class from when I was in 3rd grade – talk about releasing some baggage.  Today we work on seeing food in a magazine or on TV and how that always makes me hungry even if I just ate.  I tap while looking at a photo of a Red Velvet cupcake from a magazine.  It’s truly amazing how EFT for weight loss actually helps eliminate those cravings and deletes old programs that have been running inside of us all this time!

Tomorrow we work on Metabolism and our Genetics

Magical Journeys~   Maryann


EFT for Weight Loss – Day 4 – Overeating

EFT for Weight Loss – Day 4 – Overeating

Today I focus on clearing the issues surrounding overeating and having to eat everything on my plate, even though I am satisfied or full, using EFT for weight loss tapping techniques.

To learn more about EFT for weight loss, click here.

What are your overeating issues? Exploring our patterns and habits is the best way to uncover core issues surrounding the reason we overeat. Then by using EFT for weight loss, we help to clear and remove those old programs for good!