Synergy Weight Release Boot Camp Homestudy Course
Join Me . . .And I Will Guide You Through a Mind and Body Transformation and Weight Release Journey 

If I can do it being a highly sensitive FOODIE, then YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

  • From: Maryann Candito

Maryann Candito

Over the next 8 weeks (Beginning on your time frame), you will be working with my Revolutionary Step by Step System. As you go through the modules, you will become more empowered and in charge over food! You will take back your life again!

Here's how This Home-study Program works: The Synergy Weight Release System is a step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) virtual intensive, that will transform your relationship with food.  By the time you're done, you'll be (subconsciously) making better food choices, feeling lighter both physically and emotionally, releasing the weight while still enjoy food without the guilt or shame, and you will begin to think like a thin person. 

The Virtual Platform

You will gain access to a "back office" coaching platform that is state of the art. Here you will find exercises and lessons for your week, so you'll have the flexibility to work on them at your convenience.

You'll learn all the steps to align your body, mind, and soul, to create SYNERGY.

You'll discover techniques to release old subconscious programs (which you can use in any area of your life, not just for your weight issues!)

In this course, you will learn to adopt alignment eating so that you can begin to think and live like a thin person!

You will learn to identify your core issues that lie beneath those food cravings, and negative eating habits. And you will become skilled at mentally and energetically clearing these issues and habits so that food no longer controls you.

You will learn to release your attachment to the outcome, as well as embracing and loving yourself and your body during every stage of the journey.

You will discover the power of forgiveness, how it effects every aspect of your life, including your weight. And you will learn how to truly forgive in your heart and soul not just in your head.

You will learn powerful meditation techniques that will vibrationally align you with your desires, help you to envision and attract your transformation, as well as re-create the new you!



Week 1 Alignment Eating/Tuning In. You will learn how to integrate intuitive and alignment eating into your lifestyle and tuning in to your inner wisdom.    

Discovery - You will begin the journey of discovery, learning about  limiting beliefs that youhave that are holding you back from releasing the weight!                                                                                    
ntroduction to a powerful Theta brain wave manifesting technique

Tools to love and accept your body right now

Body Re-creation  Meditation Week 1

Week 2:  Introduction to Clearing Techniques (EFT)             

Nutrition and Movement - applying alignment eating with balanced nutrition     

Self Love - Love yourself and body exercises.                                                        Body Re-creation Meditation Week 2

Week 3:  Clearing and Releasing - clearing global issues like food cravings. Exploration and Identification of Eating Types/Habits                                      Body Re-creation Meditation Week 3

Week 4:  Synergy System Daily Routine - creating a daily routine supportive of physically, mentally/emotionally, and vibrationally re-creating the thin you. 
Law of Attraction
Power of Gratitude
Clearing and Releasing
Body Re-creation Meditation Week 4

Week 5:  Deeper Discovery - Diving deep to uncover the limiting beliefs and body image issues. 

Obstacle blasting strategy

Clear and Release
Body Re-creation Meditation Week 5

Week 6:  Self Sabotage - Uncovering the ways you self sabotage
Clear and Release     

 Mindfulness Meditation

Body Re-creation Meditation Week 6

Week 7:  Soulful Love/Forgiveness- powerfully transformative clearing work that gets to your heart and soul, bringing more connection and healing.     Clear and Release 

Body Re-creation Meditation Week 7

Week 8Re-creation and Future Visioning    

Life Balance                                                                                                                             Body Re-creation Meditation Week 8



How  to Sign Up!

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2. You can pay in 2 monthly installments of $267 Please email me at:


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To Your Success!
Maryann Candito