Synergy Guided Visualizations

Synergy Re-creation Guided Visualizations

9 Downloadable MP3’s to Transform your Body and your Mind!


Ditch Diets Forever and Re-Create Your Body,

while Releasing Weight Naturally and Intuitively.


  • Would you like to break free from unhealthy eating habits you know are bad for you?

  • Have you tried diet after diet that haven’t brought you the results you are looking for?

  • Do you wonder what foods you should be eating that your body naturally desires?

  • Do you struggle with self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, that hinder your efforts to release the weight?

  • Do you know, in your heart there’s an easier, more intuitive way, to re-create your body and your mind-set?

If we haven’t met, I am Maryann Candito, Holistic Health Coach and founder of Synergy Weight Release. I developed these  8 Powerful Guided Visualizations to transform the way you think about food, and reshape your body from the inside out!

Throw out the idea that you have to diet, and embrace a more Intuitive and Attraction Based approach to having the Body that you desire.


How are these Visualizations Intuitive?

In these guided meditations I walk you through journeys to connect you with your higher self, your self-saboteur, and your future self.

By connecting at this deep level, you will discover the steps you need to take to help transform your body as well as your mind-set.  Since it’s your own, unique journey, only you can decide what foods are right for your body, or what form of exercise to do, or how often and this is where this program is extremely effective, because it’s your inner wisdom giving you the answers you need to achieve your goals.

visualizationcover-cdHow are these Visualizations Attraction Based?

By using law of attraction principles I guide you through journeys that raise your vibration to help you re-create your body energetically and physically.

These meditations will also help you to experience a shift in mind-set to help you overcome overeating, emotional eating, and lack of motivation.


Did you know that 95% of what we do, think, and feel are conditioned programs, thus resulting in us being on Auto-Pilot for much of our day?

When our Auto-Pilot is engaged, old habits are nearly impossible to break.  It takes energetic and subconscious clearing from a deep level to disengage the auto-pilot.


When you disengage your auto-pilot you become in charge over food and your life again.

Your awareness will increase exponentially and you will eventually release being controlled by food, and your emotional or environmental triggers.



In this program you will identify limiting beliefs and inner blocks that are at the heart of your weight issues.


When using these guided meditations on a regular basis you  continually discover  blocks that are at the heart of your weight problem.


You also discover your solutions through this deep connection with your higher self.


You will speak directly to the inner saboteur and release her/him with love and thanks.  You will take back the reigns for a more empowered life!

These meditations are not just about re-creating your body, but more importantly re-creating your mind-set, once you re-create your mind-set the old patterns dissolve, and you begin to live life more intuitively and in alignment. When you live, eat, and breathe in alignment, your body naturally follows.  Your body will be able to release excess weight naturally.

Because you are more than just your body, true, long term success can only be achieved when integrating holistic – body, mind, and spirit, solutions to weight release.

 The Synergy Body Re-Creation Guided Visualizations are downloadable MP3’s that will…

Help you to release the weight without visualizationcover-cddieting, deprivation, or willpower


Help you to transform your old programs and limiting beliefs surrounding your body and food


Help you to love and accept your body during every stage of the weight release journey





The Synergy Guided Visualizations is one of the First Steps to reclaiming your life back!


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Are you ready to transform the way you look, feel, and think?

The results:

  • Uncover and clear what’s at the core of your negative eating habits, emotional eating,  and weight issues.
  • Feel energized, clear and confident.

  • De-stress, no matter what busy environment you live in.

  • Transition into a healthy lifestyle and mindset, and leave those old habits behind!

  • Be able to enjoy food again without being controlled by food or your emotions!

  • Watch your body transform to a naturally healthier version of you!


Your Investment:


You get 9 Downloadable Mp3’s to help you release the weight and the subconscious programs holding you back from your success!

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To Your Success,
Maryann Candito



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