Step 5 to Achieve Independence From Your Food Obsessions

Step 5 to Achieve Independence From Your Food Obsessions


difficult loving yourselfStep 5 to achieve independence from your food obsessions is all about Love.


Love and acceptance of yourself, your body, and your journey.


Loving yourself is a very important part of weight release. Love and weight release truly do go together.  However you may find it difficult loving yourself while being overweight, and feeling so out of control around food.


You may feel anger that you “let yourself go like this,” that you continue to punish yourself by eating more, not caring, or even despising yourself.  Or you may be beating yourself over other things from your past.


Well Stop Right There!

It’s time to tell a new story! So you let yourself go, we all have done it. It’s time to get back on the saddle, but this time, do it differently.  Enter the weight release doorway with an entirely different approach; a Spiritual Approach.  Let’s face it – the old approaches of the diet roller coasters don’t work. They keep you in a vicious cycle of losing weight and gaining it back over and over again, because diets only focus on the BODY!  Remember, you are MORE than just your body.  You are a spiritual being living in a physical body.  The only approach for long lasting weight RELEASE is to take the Spiritual Approach.

The first step to taking the Spiritual Approach is LOVING .

The next part of the Love Step is…



Gratitude enables you to feel your spiritual self once again, and remember who you are – a being of unconditional love.

By practicing gratitude every day, it’s easy to find appreciation in all of the things that you have and that have meaning to you; thus lessening the focus on what you don’t have (a thin body), and it helps to raise your vibration, so that you feel good. When you feel good you attract more positive experiences in your life. It’s really pretty simple.  Concentrate on feeling good, don’t sweat the small stuff, set your intentions, and let it go.  Gratitude helps you do all those things.


The next part of the Love Step is…


You may ask yourself how forgiveness has anything to do with weight loss.  Well, if you consider weight loss as pertaining only to the physical body, I can see the thought process behind that.  However, remember weight loss, or more appropriately weight release, is more about YOU the WHOLE being, not just the body.


When we hang on to any negative energy, toxins build up in the body, the toxic residue of the negativity blocks our energy centers and creates dis-ease, which can lead to disease.  When we forgive others or ourselves, we do it for us, not for the other person.  When we are brave enough to forgive, we are sending a very loud signal that we place love above hatred, resentment, and anger. By doing this we are sending powerful messages of love to the Universe and to ourselves.


“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”
~ Joseph Campbell


Do you have past regrets?  Do you dream of what life could have been if some event didn’t occur, or if you had done something differently?  There’s nothing you can do right now that’s going to change the past!  Spending your time and energy beating yourself up over it or being angry at the world, or God, or your mother isn’t going to do anything but keep you in suffering.


It’s time to forgive the past and stop beating the drum of ‘what if.’   I know it’s difficult.  But I also know you deserve to set yourself free.


When you incorporate all the aspects of love, you will notice your need to eat in excess, will be diminished.  Once you begin the inner healing work and focusing on love, forgiveness, and gratitude, your food obsessions will noticeably begin to be less prevalent in your life.

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6 comments on “Step 5 to Achieve Independence From Your Food Obsessions

  1. I never realized what a big deal food is – so many problems involving food. In simpler times meals are times to be enjoyed and shared. It is a celebration – not an obsession that it is today. Sad.

  2. Powerful message. I’ve been struggling with my weight recently and despising myself, therefore now taking care of myself better. I think by loving myself first, that I would make better choices.

  3. Hi Maryann. Well, what a great post! Jam-packed with so much good advice and tips on what to do about it. I would like to share a small personal story with you, I hope you don’t mind. For about a year after I started meditating, I would say a positive affirmation every day, saying that I loved myself exactly how I was. If you’d asked me if I loved myself the answer would have been a resounding ‘hell, yes!’. Then I had to do a short film of myself talking on camera. Wow. What a shock. When I replayed it, I hated what I looked and sounded like. I burst into tears, I actually hated myself. Needless to say I did A LOT of EFT around it but I was just so shocked. I really thought I loved myself, and yet I still had all the negative self-hate talk going on in my subconscious. Now I genuinely do feel differently about myself; yes I would like to be slimmer and healthier, but when I look in the mirror or see myself on camera, I’m OK with it. I actually think I look and sound OK now…well with my weight anyway. Now just to work on feeling OK with being 50 and having grey hair! Little steps. Great, great post, especially on the forgiveness part. So important. Ah, said it would be short. Sorry! Blessings. Andrea

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