Step 3 to Achieving Independence from Food Obsessions

Step 3 to Achieving Independence from Food Obsessions


image002If there was any step that is more important than all the others when it comes to eliminating your food obsessions, I would say it would be step 3.


In my last two blog posts we went over Step 1 – Tuning In, and Step 2 – Discovery.  Once you’ve Tuned in and discovered what’s at the heart of your food obsessions, now you can move on to Step 3 – the Clearing step!


The reason why the clearing step is the most important, is because of the way we are wired. Science has shown, that by the time we reach adulthood, 95% of what we do, think, and feel are conditioned subconscious programs.  

Take for example, driving your car.  After years of driving you don’t have to consciously think about every step to driving a car, it comes automatically to you.  Our bodies and minds are designed this way to save time and energy. It’s a good thing, except when the conditioned programs no longer serve us.


Stress eating is an excellent example of how the body and mind become trained to react to stress by eating food. One time in your life you chose to use food when you were facing stress, and after that a neural pathway began to form, making it more and more automatic to respond to stress by eating.


I like to think of it like cross country skiing. If you are the first person out in the countryside after a new snow fall, you’ll notice there are no tracks in the snow, so you have to start to carve the path. The skiiers that come after you will simply follow the path you had carved, and after 20 skiiers have used your path, the path has become pretty deeply engraved in the snow.


Your brain works the same way.  Your nerve cells, when triggered, follow a neural network, or path, and over time this pathway gets deeply engraved, thus creating an automatic conditioned response to your triggers.


Once you tune in and realize this is simply a program, you are now in charge. Your next step is to discover what was the core event at the heart of this response, then you’ll aim to clear the program.


The clearing step is one of the most incredible steps of the process. You have the power to delete these subconscious programs, while at the same time, rewiring new healthy patterns.


EFT has been shown to be extremely effective to clear subconscious programs. If you are not too familiar with EFT and would like a complimentary video lesson, Click here to access your lesson.


It’s amazing what you can become when you clear the programs that are holding you hostage to your food obsessions.

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6 comments on “Step 3 to Achieving Independence from Food Obsessions

  1. You explained how the brains works very well. It really helps in understanding why it’s so difficult to stop stress eating. My brain needs reprogramming! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. So true, Maryann. I have used EFT to clear lots of unconscious unhelpful beliefs and behaviours and it WORKS!! The key as you say is to bring it into your awareness and then you can choose to drop the old patterns. Believe it or not, I haven’t used EFT with regard to weight release, but you’ve prompted me to start examining why I behave how I do around food…thanks for the prompt and inspiration. Gratitude to a new healthier me! Blessings. Andrea

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