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Synergy Solution for Emotional Eating

A home-study course with Step-by-step lessons to clear your subconscious programs around food.


I'll show you how to use powerful mind tranformation tools to delete emotional eating for good!


You will learn how to incorporate Alignment Eating in your life.


You'll discover what's at the heart of your negative eating habits so you can clear them for good.

You'll never need willpower again

By taking this course you will learn how to shift your mindset to that of a thin mindset.

You'll find that other negative eating habits will also drop off.

You'll feel safe embracing, feeling, and expressing your emotions.

You'll find that you won't react to triggers like you used to.

You will be more empowered.

Don’t Take My Word For It

" I have always been an emotional eater...until I worked with the Synergy System.   My cravings for sweets and junk food dropped to no cravings whatsoever. 
I no longer obsess over food. And the most remarkable thing about it is, I am not struggling to lose the weight anymore.  It’s just happening."

Jennie Siegmund

When I first started the Synergy Weight Release Program I was struggling with a “sweets” addiction. I couldn’t go one day without eating chocolate or something with sugar. Through using Maryann’s step by step system I cleared not only the cravings for sweets, but the emotional causes of them.  Maryann’s coaching was also an invaluable resource in the process of letting go of the deep emotional baggage around the cravings. It is such a victory to be able to say “no” to a piece of cake at a party now. I never thought I could do it!  I can see the results on my body and in my energy.  Thanks Maryann!”


Cassandra Wass

"Working with Maryann has made all the difference for me. I am down 20 pounds, and I'm more focused and accountable. It's so much easier now to stay on track. I'm more mindful, peaceful, and grounded. I have more motivation, and I'm looking good and feeling good.  Not only did my weight and mindset shift, but my income has turned around too! Like Maryann says, 'every area of our lives are connected, so when the shifts happens in one area, start to expect to see improvements in other areas of your life.'  And that has definitely been the case for me!"

Lucy Stewart

Here's What you can Expect:

  • To Eliminate Food Cravings, like sweets and junk food, without deprivation or willpower!
  • To Delete Emotional Eating for Good.
  • To Easily overcome stress eating.
  • To learn how to listen to your body's signals and tap into your Inner Wisdom!
  • How to be in alignment with your desires.
  • How to Reset your brain to work in your favor!

I look forward to helping transform your body, and your mind!


Maryann Candito