The Snow and the Energy Shift

The Snow and the Energy Shift



How’s this winter treating you?  We have gotten slammed with snow here in much of the U.S. I’m not much of a cold weather person but I do love how beautifully fresh snow glistens on the trees.  But when I have to shovel it,  and when it turns to muddy slush, that’s when the novelty wears off for me.


Since we live on the coast of Oregon, we don’t get too much snow, but winters can be pretty chilly and wet and winter is not so much a ‘Winter Wonderland’ as it is a ‘gray rain fest’. So to get out of the rain  we decided to take a trip to Mt. Hood.  I braced myself for the cold and the snow, and set out  to meet up with two other couples to enjoy a long weekend in the mountains. 

The weather was absolutely perfect and the snow covering the mountains was gorgeous. Here’s the view from the condo we stayed at:

snowoutside mthood lodge

This trip really got me thinking about shifting energy, and manifesting my dreams.  I could’ve approached this trip with dread, being that I really dislike cold. But instead I went into it with a positive outlook.  I didn’t think about how cold I would be, or all the other ‘what if’ scenarios, like having to put chains on the tires, or what if we don’t get along with one of the couples that will be there, or this or that.  But I didn’t do that, and what  resulted was a beautiful weekend with perfect weather, good times, and a shift when it comes to winter! But that’s not the only shift…

The sense of the magical was renewed in my life.  I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, but lately I have not paid much attention to it.  But when I think about all I have manifested over the years, including the love of my life, Dana, I have to wonder why I don’t always intend to consciously create my life.  (Here is a photo of me and Dana outside a tiny little coffee hut in Government Camp:)

me and dana mthood

That’s when it hit me  (once again) – that I am the creator of my life!

At that moment my soul began to feel alive again!  We do live in a Magical Universe and we can manifest our desires.  I have done it with my weight, I have done it with my relationship with Dana, then why don’t I do it with everything?

As we drove back home, I talked about my shift with Dana.  I shared with him some of my desires that, normally I would have said to myself, “Yeah right, how’s that going to happen?’, but instead of even considering the HOW was it going to happen, I simply set out the intention to the Universe what I wanted! The HOW is the Universe’s job. The WHAT is my job.

 I felt the shift happen almost instantaneously.  I know my energetic vibration was activated from this shift.  Now I will let the Universe organize all the details to make my desires manifest in physical form! And if at any moment I question HOW it will happen, I quickly will shift my attention back to the WHAT!

When I got back to Yachats on Monday, I felt a renewed sense of purpose, motivation, and excitement.  I am feeling the Magic of life once again.  It’s funny how a little snow and a mountain get away has recharged me. The snow, which in the past would’ve created some tension, actually enabled the biggest shift within me, in a long time.

 What would it take for you to shift? Would it be a relaxing beach vacation?  Would it be a walk in the park? Would it be reading inspirational books?

 What do you have to do to shift into the Magical place again?

I encourage you and support you on your journey to invigorate the Magical within you once again.


I’m here if you need me…if you’d like to set up a complimentary 30 minute strategy session to help

you shift, click here  to schedule an appointment.  I’d love to help! :)


Have a fabulous day and Magical Journeys!


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