Pay Attention to Your Ideas

Pay Attention to Your Ideas


pay attention to your ideas   If you have been following my blog this month, you may have noticed that I participated in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, where the challenge was to blog every day consistently.  It was so much fun, and it really has confirmed  my love of writing!  Part of my month of blogging daily, I came up with an idea to post ten days of Angel Card Readings.  Angel Cards always inspire me and I thought it would be a great way to move through ten days with topics galore! What I didn’t realize was that it actually turned into a brilliant idea – so many readers enjoyed the daily messages of inspiration that I have created a daily email subscription for the Angel messages.  The Angel messages don’t have to stop, they can now be delivered to the inbox of whomever wants them.

While divinely selecting cards from the stack, one card continued to surface.  Now, I couldn’t post five days with the same message now could I? So that’s why I wanted to share with you the card that kept appearing.   It wanted to be heard so loud and clear that I decided to inform you of the message that I am so compelled to share.

The card that kept showing up was the Crown Chakra card.

Angel Card - Crown Chakra

Angel Card – Crown Chakra

The message is all about paying attention to your ideas.   Where do ideas come from?

Are they thoughts that have been in the deep recesses of our mind, or are they coming from the creative intelligence of the Universe?  To me, where they come from isn’t as important as the fact that the idea is appearing.  It’s good practice to sit with this new idea for a little while, ask your body how it feels about it and journal the thoughts, emotions and fears that you may be experiencing.  You wouldn’t want fear to keep you from acting upon a million dollar idea, would you?

My suggestion is to keep a journal with you at all times.  You never know when a fleeting thought or inspiration may dance across mind. If you don’t have time to consider it at the moment, at least if you have written it down, you will be able to access it at a more convenient time.  I can’t tell you all of the ideas and thoughts I have had  in the middle of the night when I couldn’t  sleep, only to be lost by daybreak because I didn’t have a notebook by my bed.  I now, keep a notebook and a pen on my nightstand, because you never know if one of these ideas is an idea of a lifetime!

Writing and journaling certainly can spark ideas One of my favorite books is, “The Artist’s Way”, by Julia Cameron.  In the book the author suggests writing three pages of “Morning Pages” every day.  It’s where you write whatever comes into your mind, even if it doesn’t make sense.  It could sound like a lot of rambling, but what it does is similar to meditation.  It clears the gunk, the junk, and the monkey mind, so you have more clarity and creativity throughout the day.  When you clear the mind junk, ideas and inspirations begin to surface!

If you are facing challenges or problems in which you don’t know what the solution is, keep in mind that whenever there is a problem, there exists a solution.  The Universe knows the solution, and it will deliver it to you when you are clear enough to receive it.  I guarantee that you will absolutely love doing the morning pages, I can’t wait to hear what ideas surface for you!

To Your Success!


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6 comments on “Pay Attention to Your Ideas

  1. Brilliant idea! I’m just waiting for my email confirmation to come through and I’m in for the daily angel card messages 😀
    Since you posted the crown chakra card earlier in the reading series I have been doing as you suggested and asking AA Uriel to open clear my crown chakra every day. I have had the most awesome days after starting this practice. It is interesting that you say every problem has a solution, because I’ve been fretting about something for a while now where I just simply cannot see a solution. Sometimes when you get into these situations, you become part of the problem because you’re just too close to see anything else. Or think about anything else, for that matter. I’ve been asking ‘what if it’s not my job to find an answer’, to create enough space for an answer to come which has helped in that I feel more peaceful around it, but not spotted the solution yet…
    I also keep a pen and paper by the bed because I know when things occur to me as I drop off to sleep, or when I first wake up, if I don’t write it down they drift away like mist. I get my best ideas I think at these times.
    I love the Artists’ Way book. I borrowed it from a friend ages ago, and found it really helpful…although I appear to have fallen out of all the good habits! Looks like I need to borrow it again.
    Great post 😀

  2. Really loved this post!
    It made my day…!Feeling a little discouraged but it did help me.I have to be more in tune with the Universe..sometimes I get caught too long in the problem and forget about the solution.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keep it Touched,

  3. I am a big fan of journaling and of the Artist’s Way. Had the chance to listen to a lecture given by Julia Cameron (I’m a writer) and although Morning Pages never worked for me – it’s not when I’m my most creative, I did incorporate the concept and I write when the muse strikes – as long as it strikes daily. I have a little notebook I carry with me and am always jotting down things or people I observe, thoughts that come into my head, ideas for a story, things I’m struggling with, etc. It’s amazing when I go back later how much fodder there is to build on.

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