The Night Iron Man Visited My Bedroom

The Night Iron Man Visited My Bedroom


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I don’t take my celebrity crushes lightly, nor do I go simply by looks.  Character is a huge factor in whom I honor with Celebrity Crush status.  My heart is fluttering right now as I think about my celebrity crush – Robert Downey Jr. Not only is he Smokin’ Hot, but he has inner courage, strength, and integrity worthy of his Iron Man Costume.  


The other night, RDJ visited me in my bedroom, complete with his Iron Man persona.  He was larger than life and as passionate as my best dream lovers. RDJ is 49 years old but in my dream he had the energy of a 20 year old, I am 50, am also quite young at heart; however that night I was an 80 year old woman. My age didn’t matter to Iron Man.  He walked towards me with the determination of a lion stalking it’s prey, his eyes locked on to mine as he threw off his mask and took me in his arms.  I can still feel this embrace. Holy Hell!  RDJ was as handsome and strong as always, it was I, that somehow had 30 additional years added to my face, and my body. 


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This was crazy, the one night I dream of my celebrity crush and I had to be in the body of an 80 year old woman. Couldn’t I have been in my 25 year old body? The dream Gods certainly have a sense of humor! 


As Iron Man / RDJ kissed me passionately, I knew age didn’t matter, wrinkles didn’t matter. I wasn’t self-conscious, I wasn’t ashamed, and I didn’t feel less than any 25 year old woman. 


When I awoke, happy that I actually remembered this dream, I began to think more about what it meant to me, and the feelings it invoked – love, acceptance, and the fact that we are all connected.


If I can share one message from my dream, it’s this – Do what ever it takes to love and accept yourself no matter where you are on your journey. Love others like you want to be loved. Chances are, you are much harder on yourself than others. RDJ saw me as beautiful regardless of the outer shell. Your soul comes across so much more vividly when you are in a place of loving yourself. Magic happens when you make the decision to unconditionally love who you are.  And what’s really cool, you never know who will show up in your bedroom when you make the effort to love YOU!


Peace to all you lovely, beautiful souls!


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8 comments on “The Night Iron Man Visited My Bedroom

  1. Lucky you! My dreams never seem to involve a night visit from Iron Man…sigh! I love your sharing and your dream interpretation. So true, if you want to be loved for who and what you really are then you must first love yourself in that way…and then the magic really begins to unfold. What a beautiful sharing, Maryann. Love to you, Andrea

  2. Okay, since I’m a dude I should say that I want to be Ironman. That is, I’d like to invent my own cool gadgets, to protect the world from baddies, and to crack wisecracks while doing it all!

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