Love and Weight Release

Love and Weight Release

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Loving ourselves is a large, and important part of weight release. Love and weight release truly do go together.  However you may find it difficult loving yourself while being overweight.

You may feel anger that you “let yourself go like this”  that you continue to punish yourself by eating more, not caring, or even despising yourself.

I know it can be difficult, you may be so used to beating yourself over your weight that you probably don’t know HOW to love yourself again.  Or you may be beating yourself over other things from your past.

The key is to create more FUN in your life now, don’t wait until you release the weight, start now.  The better you feel, the more you raise your vibration, and when you elevate your vibration you are becoming more in alignment with your higher self, and you will be  filling yourself with more soulful love.  There are many ways to begin the shift to loving yourself.

Here are some other tips to having fun now and tips to help you feel good in your body:

1. Buy some new clothes. Yes, buy some new clothes before you release the weight. You don’t have to spend a fortune; you can go to an upscale consignment store and buy an entire new wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of going to your favorite department store.  The reason behind doing this is the feel good about you factor.  What makes you feel better about yourself then clothes that fit you well, and make you look like a knock out!  If you’re hearing those little voices again in your head, send them out to a movie, on me.  Beauty is not defined by your dress size. Beauty emanates from you based on how you feel on the inside.  Let your inner Goddess or God shine, feel fabulous on the inside and you will radiate the same on the outside, trust me!

2. Play!  Start a game night with some friends, there is nothing better than laughing with friends and having fun.  Playing board games can be a blast and it helps you to reconnect with others.  Play also helps to transform “negative” emotions and experiences, and relieve stress. So no matter how busy you are, make time for play.

3. Start a hobby or get back into one that you’ve enjoyed in the past.  When we are engaged in creative activities that we love, sometimes we get so immersed in the art of creating time seems to fly.  Getting into this zone in creative endeavors, can produce significant happiness and feel good vibes.

4. Volunteer.  Doing volunteer work can improve the quality of your life. When you bring compassion and meaning to others through volunteering you open up to a whole new world of giving, when you give, your heart and soul fill with unconditional love.

What do these 4 tips have in common?  They are all designed to make you feel good. Feeling good is where it’s at.

10 comments on “Love and Weight Release

  1. This is such good information. No matter what you would like altered in your life, you can not change it by hating the problem or hating yourself for having the issue. The only way is to love yourself into changes.

    Great post.
    Blessings, Dina

  2. Great ideas! Loving ourselves and connecting with our core, which could be demonstrated in volunteering, to give beyond ourselves, helped me in loosing the weight I wanted to lose. Thank you for your great insights!

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