The Link Between Overeating and Lack Consciousness

The Link Between Overeating and Lack Consciousness


Photo credit: jshj / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: jshj / Foter / CC BY

Because we are more than our bodies, many times our eating habits have deeper implications than what appears on the surface.

When you think of the act of overeating, it’s stuffing oneself, trying to fill a void, & never really getting enough. All of these aspects boil down to lack consciousness.

Now this may not apply to you, but it does warrant some looking into.

I remember a very clear memory of when I was a child at the dinner table, it went something like this – my parents, my sister, my brother, and I would all be sitting down for dinner, and my brother would always attempt to steal mine and my sister’s meatballs off of our plates. Now keep in mind, in our house food was always plenty! But I remember eating so fast, so that I could have seconds of the meatballs before my brother had a chance to eat them all. This is a very profound memory, because of the dynamic that existed in my traditional Italian, patriarchal family. As a young girl, the message I received was that the males ranked higher on the totem pole. My sister and I even joked and called my brother the Messiah.

Ever since then, I have seen this dynamic repeat itself with regards to money, success, trust, and respect. The patriarchal system really affected me in a big way. I created a lack consciousness around money, food, achievement, and respect.

You may ask yourself why I am sharing this very personal information with you. Well, I want to spark something within you to dive a little deeper. What appears on the surface is not nearly as significant as what lies beneath.

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

Take an iceberg for example, we only see a tiny bit of it above the water, but what lies underneath the sea is massive!

Healing takes place beneath the surface.

If you’re an overeater, where else in your life do you feel that you’re not getting enough, or you have an emptiness within you that you’re trying to fill? What areas in your life are you reflecting lack?

Overeating may simply be an extension of a deeper lack consciousness that exists within your subconscious.

Now is the time to do some investigating, once you uncover the root(s) cause of the behavior, you can then work to clear the event that’s at the heart of your overeating pattern. I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear old programs. Simply tapping on overeating may not be enough for you to totally clear this negative eating habit. Tapping on the underlying reasons are the key to true release and healing. Once you do this you will notice that your tendency to overeat is history!

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