What limiting beliefs are you holding on to?

What limiting beliefs are you holding on to?

I am just sibookstting here, thinking about the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, our weight, our value in this world, etc.  We all have stories and limiting beliefs. Many of us have money stories, body image stories, weight stories, success stories, relationship stories, and more.  The key to eliminating the stories that don’t serve us is to recognize them.


A couple years ago, one of my limiting beliefs (or stories) was that a woman my age would have a very hard time releasing weight.

Even though I am extremely holistic and knew first hand the power of the mind, that didn’t stop my family’s well-intentioned comments about  age.  Rather than succumb to this false belief, I chose to eliminate the story from my library and delete any trace of it in my subconscious mind.


When you reflect on your stories and limiting beliefs that have been behind the scenes, ask yourself, “Is this a story that serves me?”

If it’s not then it’s time to declare your new story and to energetically clear the old one!  It’s one thing tosay this is my new story, but it’s another thing entirely to actually reprogram your subconscious.  Remember declaring your new story lies in your conscious mind, but most of the sabotage that occurs in our lives comes from the subconscious.  So that’s where you have to change the story.

There are many tools out there to help you with this, my preference is EFT and meditation.


The next step is to release the attachment to the old story.  In order to do this, you may have to explore the areas where this old story has benefited you in the past.  Perhaps at one time in your life, you perceive that it kept you safe.  When you let go of that old feeling it gave you, you are releasing your attachment to it, and you are opening yourself up to new feelings. I know this can be scary, but if you know that this story isn’t serving you anymore, can you imagine the possibilities that exist when you open up to new stories that support where you want to be?


You have what it takes within you to evolve beyond an old belief system.  It just takes a decision to do it. I know you can do this!


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2 comments on “What limiting beliefs are you holding on to?

  1. Hi Maryann…great post! I also use EFT and meditation as a way of releasing beliefs when I find myself stuck from time to time. What I’ve found is that if I don’t know what it is in my unconscious that’s holding me back, often when I meditate I’ll have an ‘ah-ha’ moment and it will pop into my consciousness what’s been going on. Or I’ll be led to read a blog post or an angel card and it will all fall into place. After all, we can’t do anything until we’re aware it’s even happening. I could really relate to what you were saying here. Thank you! Love and light to you. Andrea

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