Law of Attraction and Weight Release: What if….?

Law of Attraction and Weight Release: What if Everything Worked Out For Me?


lawofattraction whatifToday’s Law of Attraction Card is What if Everything Worked Out For Me?


Playing the What If game can be very effective when using Law of Attraction for weight release. The What if game shifts your negative feelings like despair, hopelessness, and discouragement,  instantly to hopefulness, optimism, and positive expectation.

When you play the What If? game, look for things that make you feel better. There is never a situation where there isn’t a solution, but due to habit and subconscious belief programs, most people continue to choose the “lack” perspective until they are at the end of the rope where they feel there are no solutions.


Instead of focusing on the problem, like the weight gain, how hard it is for you to lose weight, or how your clothes don’t fit, decide to set your intention on seeing the evidence of your well being! 

You can play the What If? game to shift the negative vibrations around to positive ones. Eventually those good feeling experiences will dominate your life, the more you make the conscious effort to find a better feeling thought.


So let’s play the game…


You’re going to your high school reunion next month and you’ve gained some weight and you feel really bad about yourself.  You are feeling anger and discouragement. You can play the What if? game with this scenario by asking  yourself , “What if over the next 30 days I  walked 30 minutes everyday?”  or “What if over the next 30 days I eat healthier foods?”


How did that make you feel? Most likely it gave you hope and motivation that you can change your situation.  You noticed we didn’t say anything about losing 50 lbs, as that may throw you off the rails.


Start in a place where it raises your emotion a little, then you can eventual add in more What if questions that put you closer to your desired goal.


After a few of these What if questions you can try asking yourself, “What if I dropped 5 lbs before the reunion?”


You should begin to feel that this is truly achievable and you no longer are caught up in the trap of despair. Either way you are feeling better and that’s the key to manifesting your desired outcomes.


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3 comments on “Law of Attraction and Weight Release: What if….?

  1. Hi Maryann. I love the what if game! I use what if statements in EFT rounds quite a lot. I’ve found it’s a great way of shifting my mindset in easy stages from ‘no way!’ to possibly, and then to YES! Great technique for easily changing your mindset to something more positive. Love, Andrea

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