Law of Attraction & Weight Release: Your Story

Law of Attraction & Weight Release: Your Life Story


lawofattraction-storyToday’s Law Attraction card is “I Will Tell My Story as I Want it to BE…

When it comes to optimizing the Law of Attraction for weight release, you will want to revise and improve the content of the story you tell every day of your life.

As challenging as it may be, it’s important to rid yourself of those words, thoughts, and actions that support the message that you’re overweight.  I totally understand how it doesn’t feel like truth to say “I am so thin and fit” when you’re 60 pounds overweight. But the idea behind telling an improved version of the “I’m 60 lbs overweight and feel really fat!” story is that your energy vibration will begin to shift to the new and improved story.

Rather than say something that totally throws you off the rails, like saying how thin you are, try softening the old “…I’m fat…” story by inching your way closer to the desired story of “I’m thin and fit!”  Here’s one way you can improve your story today, start thinking and saying:

“I’m on my way to improved health! With each new day I am feeling better, eating healthier, and exercising more. I am excited to watch the positive changes occur in my body and my energy level.”


In time, you can then alter that statement, the closer you get to your goal.  Before you know it, you will be able to say, “I am so thin and fit!” and it won’t feel like a lie.


By shifting your story you are raising your level on the emotional guidance scale and your vibrational level is becoming more of a match to your desired outcome.  When you are a match, you manifest what you want.


Law of Attraction is an important, but many times overlooked, aspect of weight release. I have seen so many people use it to attract wealth, or to land a better job, or to find that perfect house, or even attract a soulmate; but when it comes to weight it gets disregarded.  Well, I was one of those people who never thought of using it for my weight. When I finally decided to utilize all the tools in my tool box, including Law of Attraction, that’s when the shifts happened and I transformed my body easily, naturally, and intuitively.  I focused on my inner game more than my outer game which resulted in unconscious changes to my outer game, absent of the struggle that I had been used to in the past. I’m a believer now!


If you would like to learn more about how to change your inner game, feel free to schedule a complimentary strategy session with me here.  I would love to help!

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8 comments on “Law of Attraction & Weight Release: Your Story

  1. Maryann, I’ve been enjoying your posts on how the story we tell ourselves has such a profound impact on outcomes. Sometimes I know I do not fully understand the impact my thoughts have on my way of being in the world – thanks for the reminder :)

  2. I can testify (after releasing some 43 pounds-now a normal weight) that the positive self talk has to continue after the weight dropping. Otherwise, that weight has a way of finding you again, almost as if your body was a magnet trying to attract it back. The magnet must be turned off!

  3. I love that suggestion of changing your thoughts in incremental steps. We just won’t believe that giant leap from I hate how fat I am to look how thin I am when we look at the mirror and see a fat person glowering back. I’ve struggled with positive affirmations in the past because of this, and found the only way to effectively change my belief or thought was to do it in stages. Great post! Love to you, Andrea

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