Law of Attraction and Weight Release: You Are Here to Seek Joy

Law of Attraction and Weight Release: You Are Here to Seek Joy


lawofattraction seekjoyToday’s Abraham Law of Attraction Card is Welcome to Planet Earth; You are Here to Seek Joy…

This message, for me, reminds me to be easy and not sweat it!  I for one, can be quite nervous at times. When I was approaching menopause 35 lbs overweight, I began to panic. Thoughts of the latest craziest diet fad entered my mind, after that my mind drifted towards the old faithfuls that have proven to work for me in the past (in the short run), all because I was facing the high anxiety of getting older. I kept hearing in my head this loud voice shouting, “what if I can’t lose weight at my age?”  Talk about panic mode!


Well instead of falling victim to my panic and my fears, I decided to seek calmness, and joy.  I made a point to be appreciative of my life and that included my journey of having a weight problem.


After the turbulence settled I was able to set out on a plan.  I remained relaxed yet determined, and I told that loud shouting voice to shut up! I believe in the power of the mind, and I also realize how effective it is to incorporate a body, mind, and spiritual solution to any challenge.  So that’s what I did. I declared that my solution must include a total holistic and spiritual approach, which included Law of Attraction, deep heart centered work, and using powerful mind tools to clear my subconscious programs. Without this synergistic approach I would have the same results as in the past  – short term weight loss and same old mindset. Of course that would always lead back to weight gain since I only focused on my body and what I put into it.


After creating and sticking to my plan, what happened was nothing short of astounding.  The transformation was not only that I released the weight, heck that isn’t even the most amazing thing, the transformation that I experienced was a total inner shift and mindset alteration!  This inner change was so profound, I discovered this is what’s necessary for long term success. It hit me like a bucket of ice water – during all those years of dieting, I was focused on the wrong thing.  I shouldn’t have  focused on my weight, but rather my inner mindset, my subconscious programs, and my vibration.


I wasn’t aware of Law of Attraction back then. But deep down inside there was a part of me that knew we were put on this planet to seek joy, and to be joyful! I also knew that life was supposed to be magical!


My world has been transformed, yet it takes constant practice to be in the vibrational alignment with my desires.  This is the most important thing I can do for ME!  What about you?


“As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who-you-really-are. And in doing so, you will utilize your profound freedom. Seek joy first, and all of the growth that you could ever imagine will come joyously and abundantly unto you.” ~Abraham

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4 comments on “Law of Attraction and Weight Release: You Are Here to Seek Joy

  1. Hi Maryann! It’s so cool when the penny drops and you actually SEE a difference in your life when you change what you’ve been thinking. You get proof this stuff works! I love it when that happens. I love the Abraham quote at the end there; so inspiring…and true. Looking forward to tomorrow’s installment; really enjoying this series and love the card readings. Blessings, Andrea

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