Is Laser Coaching the New Magic Wand?

Is Laser Coaching the New Magic Wand?


Magical livingI have always been a dreamer.  I love stories of magic and miracles.  As a child I fantasized a lot! I always wished I could just wave a Magic Wand and have my dreams become reality.

Well, I have recently stumbled on a few things that come pretty darn close to a Magic Wand, and one of them is Laser Coaching.  If you don’t know what laser coaching is, it’s quick, hot spot coaching numerous times throughout the week. The beauty of laser coaching is that you are talking with your coach more frequently so this results in:

  • More accountability
  • Increased motivation to stay on track
  • More energetic clearings
  • Less chance of overeating
  • Deleting emotional eating for good
  • Sweet cravings going bye-bye
  • Less stress
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Increased peace and calm
  • Increased vibrational alignment
  • and long lasting WEIGHT RELEASE!

Laser coaching is much like personal training for your mind.  You’ve probably realized this already, but your mind is the biggest thing standing in your way to releasing weight.

If you are considering laser coaching with me, this is how it works:

You and I will be teaming up together so that you will achieve the goals you set for yourself. I’ll make sure your old subconscious programs are a thing of the past, and I will see to it that you experience a transformation of your body, and your mind!


Laser coaching sessions are usually scheduled for 2-5 times per week, depending on your needs and budget.  But we can design any type of  program to meet your needs and situation. Simply click here to set up your fr*ee consultation to discuss how laser sessions can empower you and help you to finally release the weight for good this time!

Here’s what Lucy, one of my laser coaching clients has to say about the success she’s experienced since we shifted from twice a month full sessions, to 3 laser coaching sessions per week:

“The change has made all the difference for me. I am down 15 pounds, and I’m more focused and accountable. By having laser sessions 3 times per week keeps me on top of things and it’s so much easier now to stay on track. I’m more mindful, peaceful, and grounded. I have more motivation, and I’m looking good and feeling good.  Not only did my weight and mindset shift, but my income has turned around too! Like Maryann says, ‘every area of our lives are connected, so when the shifts happens in one area, start to expect to see improvements in other areas of your life.’  And that has definitely been the case for me!”


You can expect powerful results, just like Lucy.  You don’t have to struggle anymore. There’s a reason why you are here;

the Universe organized events so that you would find inspiration. Don’t let fear or doubt stand in the way of your transformation.

I’m here to help you release the weight for good without all the deprivation, diets, and struggle of the past.

Click here if you’d like to have a complimentary chat regarding what options are best for you (even if it’s not laser coaching, I

have something for everyone).


So are you ready to release the weight on your terms?

I believe in you!




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  1. sounds really effective, Maryann! Just the thought that you’re going to be speaking to your coach in a couple of days is enough motivation to keep going I would have thought. Great points! Andrea

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