Jumpstart Your Weight Release

Jumpstart Your Weight Release Package

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The Jumpstart Your Weight Release package is designed to help you begin to

Transform your Mindset and Release Weight Naturally.


During the session together we will work to discover some of the main blocks that are preventing you from releasing weight naturally, and we’ll work to clear at least one of them during the session. We will also anchor in the clearing with an energy alignment activation, and conclude with a strategic action plan for continued success on your weight release journey.


This Jumpstart is for you if

  • You have dieted, lost weight, and gained most or all of it back

  • Eat when you are not hungry, or eat when you’re triggered by stress or other emotions

  • Crave foods that are not nutritious or healthy

  • Overeat or have a difficult time controlling yourself around certain foods

  • Feel frustrated, as nothing seems to work for you, there’s something within that’s blocking you from success

  • You lack motivation or drive to get healthier, and find you end up sabotaging your success

Get Jumpstarted for $197


Price includes:

    • 1 ½ hour private 1:1 session, which includes consultation, assessment and a combination of EFT Clearing, Coaching, and Energy alignment activation by phone or Skype (value $250)

    • Co-creation of an action plan (Value $50)

    • Synergy Solution for Emotional Eating Online (Self-Study) Course (Value $67)

    • Weekly 15 minute Follow up calls (Total 2 calls) (Value $100)

    • Email Support for 3 weeks. (Value $100)

 Total Value $567


*Once you purchase the Package, I will send you an email with scheduling information.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 503-245-1205

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