How to use ZipList to Organize your Recipes

How to use ZipList to Organize your Recipes


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I am such a foodie, AND I love to cook, and  I have about 40 or 50 vegetarian cookbooks that I own.  But now with the recent surge of food and cooking blogs, I am in complete heaven.  Recipes are at my fingertips anytime I want.  I simply Google a specific ingredient that I need to find a new recipe for and voila, recipe after recipe at the click of my mouse.  I click and print my recipe to add to my 3 ring binder, which is overstuffed with recipes from over the years.  I am an eco friendly kind of gal too, so all that paper does distress me a bit, even though I really like to have my recipes accessible when I need them and categorized so I can find them easily. 

I have started pinning the recipes I like on Pinterest, as you can well imagine how massive my “Yummy Foods” board is.  All my favorite finds are in there and when I am ready to make the dish, I simply print out the recipe.  But…it’s impossible to find anything in there, due to the my click happy nature!

ziplistlogoRecently I stumbled on Ziplist.  Ziplist has a “Web Recipe Clipper” that you add to your browser’s tool bar.  With this great little widget you can save recipes from anywhere across the web.  You simply find a recipe on the web, click on your ZipList Recipe Clipper and add the recipe directly to your ZipList recipe box or shopping list without having to leave the website.  The only slight inconvenience that I have found, is with some websites, ZipList doesn’t automatically transfer over the notes or directions, so you do have to copy and paste into your ZipList recipe card. But that’s minor compared to all the benefits!

ZipList was exactly what I was looking for to organize my recipes in one place.  And I can even share them with friends…I will be exploring that fun little benefit soon.

Now, my only problem, is I am a little old school and I still like the paper version in the kitchen with me when I cook.  But one of these days I may just fork over the money for an IPad, then I will have access to all my recipes with me wherever I go!  Isn’t technology wonderful?


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  1. Wow! Thank you Maryann for sharing your discovery of Ziplist! My daughter-in-law loves to cook and gathers recipes from all cooking websites she could find. I’ll pass this on to her to have fun with it.

  2. This is sounds like a fun site but I am like you, hard copy in the kitchen. I like to tape it up on the cupboard to refer to as I am cooking. Its not very ecofriendly but I recycle so I forgive myself this one little indulgence.

    Visiting from UBC

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