How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 2)

How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 2)


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If you’ve been following this mini series of shifting your weight set point, you’ve probably started thinking about ways in which your subconscious behavior supports your weight set point.


In yesterday’s post I offered up 8 questions to get your mind working to see what’s keeping your weight set point securely rooted. The questions centered around fear. Many times we there’s underlying fear that prevents us from releasing weight.


Today I’m going to talk about stories.


Are your stories keeping your weight set point alive and well?


Stories are those conscious or subconscious messages that we believe or that we’ve been conditioned to believe about our situation, our weight, our life, etc.

When I wrote the fist blog on July1st, titled “What is your weight set point telling you?” I had a major Ah Ha moment, that I simply had been telling myself a story. My story went something like this – You don’t have the body to be thin. You’re naturally chubby, it’s just how you were made.

ThisĀ  is a powerful story that I didn’t even realize I was living until my own blog post shined the light on it!


Now it’s time to see if you have any stories holding you back and keeping you stuck at an old set point.


Look over the 8 questions from yesterday’s blog post, regarding fear. Do you see any stories surface from those answers?

And then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What were the messages that I received growing up regarding my weight or my body?
  2. What were the messages I received growing up regarding other people’s bodies or weight?
  3. When I see a slender woman (if I’m a woman), or slender man (if I”m a man) what are my first thoughts that come to mind?
  4. When I think about releasing weight and achieving my weight goal, what thoughts come to mind?


Do you see any patterns of belief surface or any areas of resistance?


Do you see a story or two being revealed? If so, now it’s time to create 2-3 new stories and 2 new daily practices that will support the new stories, and help you to live into the new story.


One example could be as follows:

Old story – My body is naturally chubby and I’ll always be this way

New story #1 – My body can be anything I want it to be

New story #2 – My body is lean and firm

New daily practices

1. EFT to delete my old programs and rewire my new story

2. Pilates to increase my muscle tone


Join me tomorrow for Part 3. I will show you how to use EFT to set a new weight set point and permanently erase those old stories.





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2 comments on “How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 2)

  1. Hi Maryann. I love this series! It’s making me really think about what I’m holding on to around weight. My old stories around being overweight are that I was always told it was puppy fat and I’d grow out of it…yeah, well, I think 50 years is long enough to wait! and that I can’t help it because I take after my Dad so it’s hereditary and nothing can be done about it. Time to release those old stories! Thank you for making me think about this. Tap, tap, tap. blessings, Andrea

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