Halloween – A Day Where You Can Be Anything

Halloween – A Day Where You Can Be Anything


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I think my favorite thing about Halloween is that I can be anything I want.  All I have to do is simply create a vision of what/who I want to be,  write out my list of what I need to be this character, purchase the appropriate clothing, or don the mask, apply liberal amounts of make-up if required, and act the part!

I could be a super hero, a nurse, a nun, a celebrity, a famous person in history.  Or I could be a bee, or a cat, or banana, or even Sponge Bob Square Pants.

I could also be some dark villainous character like a witch or a vampire (vampires have always been my favorites). I could be a sensual seductress in order to unleash the my sexy side, and not be embarrassed for expressing this side of me in such a bold fashion. 

Hey it’s Halloween!  Let the fun begin…as I put on my costume, I become the part.  Is this what actors feel every day of their lives?  I love it!  I have an excuse to be outrageous without anyone telling me to not behave that way.  I don’t hear any whispers from long ago saying, “Oh, YOU CAN’T do that!”   because it’s Halloween, and I CAN do that or BE that and I can create it anyway I want to create it!

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If you think about it, Halloween is not only  fantasy play.  What if, we knew that every day was like Halloween and that we could be anything we wanted to be without voices telling us that we are not good enough or special enough or smart enough?  What if we knew that all we had to do was decide what and who we wanted to be, put a plan in place (write out that list), purchase our costume    (or relevant education, or coaching to help us break through our fears, or appropriate tools, etc.), apply the make up (visualize what it looks and feels like to be what we want to be), and act the part (live as if we already are this person).

Can you see the freedom in looking at life this way? There would be no blocks or resistance because it’s just another Halloween!  We can play, have fun, and transform into the person that we want to be. 

All we have to do is enter into the Halloween mindset:

  • Plan out what steps are needed for our transformation
  • Take action
  • Shift our vibration to a place of feeling as if it has already happened
  • Release any attachment to it being perfect, remember Halloween is FUN!
  • Watch your transformation take place in front of you. 


You can be anything…Underneath all of the costumes is still you, but what does the new, transformed you look like? Who do you dream of being (while still being true to YOU), and what do you dream of doing?

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6 comments on “Halloween – A Day Where You Can Be Anything

  1. I’m not really into Halloween, but I love the analogy of adopting a Halloween mindset. Change your vibration and step into the new world. Now where’s my witch mask gone…

  2. I am not one that celebrates Halloween however I do like how you have used this day that so many people both young and old just love as a way to show we can be who ever it is we set our mind on! This is a powerful message for the young ones. Thanks for taking the time to share it and remind us all that we can be whoever we set our mind to be. Best Regards, Wendy PS Hope you enjoy a great Halloween! 😉 http://wendybottrell.com

  3. I love halloween! We had a party last weekend and being pregnant I did the worst outfit where people were not sure if they should laugh, be grossed out or just tell me how plain wrong it was…..but I was allowed…its halloween!

    Hope you have a great day!

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