EFT for Weight Loss

EFT for Weight Loss

EFT is one of the components of my Synergy Weight Release System, and it’s important that you have a basic understanding of how it works as part of my Signature  System for long lasting weight loss.

Using EFT for Weight Loss can be one of the easiest ways to make better food choices in your life. It won’t take willpower or deprivation. But it will take discipline, discipline to use EFT for your issues and your cravings. If you don’t tap you won’t clear.

EFT for weight loss

EFT Tapping points

There are various ways to use EFT for weight loss. The first way is to focus your EFT tapping on your food cravings and your exercise routine (or lack of).

However with most of us who have battled being overweight, it’s not about the food. The food is seldom at the core of our true issues surrounding our weight issue.  When we clear the core issue(s), then our food addictions and cravings also clear. It’s like getting to the source of a problem instead of just putting a band aid on it.

Even though we have core issues, it’s always a good idea to start using EFT for weight loss by tapping on your cravings for certain foods.  I always like using the “food” to make way for other issues to surface.  Also when tapping on the food cravings, you will actually be able to see the results immediately – your craving for that food will disappear or decrease in intensity.

Is EFT for weight loss long lasting? Absolutely, especially when we focus on core issues.  Many times we aren’t aware of what those core issues are, but sometimes they magically unfold as we are tapping, or with the help of a trained EFT Practitioner, the core issues will surface and then we can tap on that for even longer lasting weight loss results and physical and emotional wellness.

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EFT for Weight loss Daily Series it’s my personal journey to losing weight – I am an open book and you will see my issues being uncovered and how I use EFT to release those issues!