Do You Feel Like You’re Running on a Hamster Wheel?

Do You Feel Like You’re Running on a Hamster Wheel When it Comes to your Weight?

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re a hamster running

continuously on the wheel that is your life? Just like the

hamster, you get caught up in the routine of life, the busy-ness of life, and the

habit of everyday life. But what would happen if you decided to step off of that wheel

and break free from the patterns and negative habits that have become

part of your “reality”?


Can you imagine what that would look like, or better yet, feel like?

If just for today, you take the time to envision and feel what you would like your

life to be like. What would your body look like? What negative energies would you

release in this new “reality”? What relationships would you be focusing on and which

ones would you let go of? What kind of job do you have? Is it one that truly lights you up?

How are you spending your free time? Do you see yourself having more free time?

How are you really enjoying life? Have your embraced the magical back into your life?

Who have you forgiven, and what have you made peace with?



It’s important to not get caught up in the hamster wheel, but that’s exactly what

happens when we lose sight of the energetic parts of ourselves. The seven steps of

my Synergy System, not only are steps to release weight without dieting, but also

pertain to anything you desire to transform in your life. If you’re wanting to explore

the seven steps of the Synergy System, and get started Tuning and Discovering what’s at

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