Do You Want Independence from Your Food Obsessions?

Do You Want Independence from Your Food Obsessions?


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You want to release weight, that’s what’s important to you right? Well, releasing weight is the end result that you’re seeking. The main reasons diets fail is because diets focus on the body, with the ultimate goal being weight loss. Diets act as a band-aid to a problem. Can you lose weight on a diet? Absolutely!  Will you have long lasting results? For 95% of people who go on diets, the answer is NO.


Diets tell you “If you eat this way you will lose weight.”


However for most people, what they eat is not nearly as important as why they eat.  I have been a vegetarian for 20 years, and I still battled weight issues, until I realized that I needed a mind, body, spirit approach to weight release; not just a diet which only focused on my body and the food I put into it.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I advocate eating a diet that consists mainly of  fried foods, or fast food, or even processed foods, what I am suggesting is that once you focus on the integration of your body, mind, and spirit, you will naturally and intuitively eat what’s best for your body. I have seen this again and again with my clients.  read more

How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 3)

How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 3)


EFT for weight loss

EFT Tapping points

Today I am going to explain an easy technique, called EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, that is a powerful tool to shift your weight set point, as well as delete old subconscious programs that no longer serve you.


First of all if you answered the questions on fear or old stories that were the focus of the last two blog posts, you will also want to use EFT tapping on the results of those results.


But first, if you are unsure of what EFT is or how it works,  I recommend clicking here for a complimentary video lesson and downloadable worksheets.

Once you see how it works and practice a bit, you can use it to tap on instructing your body to create a new weight set point.

An example of how to tap on a new weight set point, I would use the conversational tapping approach and simply tap on the EFT tapping points on the head and torso, as shown in the photo above while stating your new desired weight set point. See below for a sample tapping exercise: read more

How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 2)

How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 2)


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If you’ve been following this mini series of shifting your weight set point, you’ve probably started thinking about ways in which your subconscious behavior supports your weight set point.


In yesterday’s post I offered up 8 questions to get your mind working to see what’s keeping your weight set point securely rooted. The questions centered around fear. Many times we there’s underlying fear that prevents us from releasing weight.


Today I’m going to talk about stories.


Are your stories keeping your weight set point alive and well?


Stories are those conscious or subconscious messages that we believe or that we’ve been conditioned to believe about our situation, our weight, our life, etc. read more

How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 1)

How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 1)


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Since just about everything in your life has a set point based on your mindset, patterns, habits, beliefs, and stories; the only way to experience a break through is to first focus on your inner game.


When focusing on your inner game let’s look at the gremlin – fear. Fear can be one of the biggest players in keeping a set point alive and well. You may not be consciously aware that there’s some underlying fear, however let’s explore this a little bit further.

Ask yourself the following questions: read more

What Your Weight Set Point is Telling You

What Your Weight Set Point is Telling You


Every thing in our life has a set point; your money, your success level, and even your weight.


When you examine your past and graph out your weight ranges and the duration of time that you weighed in those specific ranges, you will learn a lot about your weight set point.


For me, I have two very defined weight set points. These two set points are weights in which my body gravitates back to, if I don’t rewire them at the energetic and subconscious level. The first weight range is 160-169, which for my height is considered overweight. The second is 140-145, which is considered within a healthy range for my height (5’2″) and age.


When I graph out my weight over my adult years, it looks like a bell curve:

Bell-Curve-MC3 read more

What limiting beliefs are you holding on to?

What limiting beliefs are you holding on to?

I am just sibookstting here, thinking about the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, our weight, our value in this world, etc.  We all have stories and limiting beliefs. Many of us have money stories, body image stories, weight stories, success stories, relationship stories, and more.  The key to eliminating the stories that don’t serve us is to recognize them.


A couple years ago, one of my limiting beliefs (or stories) was that a woman my age would have a very hard time releasing weight.

read more

Top 6 Reasons Why Diets Fail

Top 6 Reasons Why Diets Fail


During my 40 some odd years of struggling with my weight, I don’t think I ever stopped to ask the question:



“Why do diets fail?”  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I began to investigate the possible reasons.


And this is what I came up with, my top 6 reasons why diets fail:


  1. Dieting is a short term solution.  Successful people don’t diet, they undergo a lifestyle change which includes a mind-set change!

With regards to dieting, we’ve all heard the phrase ‘lifestyle change,’ but seldom do we hear the term ‘mind-set change.’  A lifestyle is a way of living.  When you undergo a lifestyle change, you are living differently.  A mind-set change takes lifestyle change up a notch or two.  You are actually changing the way your mind reacts and responds to stimuli.  A lifestyle change is more about your physical activity as opposed to what’s driving you, and that’s your mind-set.  When you experience a mind-set change you are actually retraining your subconscious mind to that which will support the lifestyle change that you desire.  It makes living with your new lifestyle change natural, not forced. Your body and mind will be more aligned and living in harmony with each other. read more

How to juggle it all?

How to juggle it all?

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Many of us work full time jobs, have children and a household to run and organize; and sometimes it’s just too overwhelming to even consider adding one more thing on our plates.

When you are faced with low energy or lethargy due to being overweight, I can totally relate to your overwhelm and discouragement.  I mean, how in the world do you have the energy (and time) to exercise, eat right (we don’t say diet in my world), and discover/clear the underlying reasons that are at the source of your negative eating habits?

Well I have come up with 8 steps to make your life easier when facing the need to release the weight and keep up with all your other priorities: read more

Do You Feel You’re Swimming Upstream with Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Do You Feel You’re Swimming Upstream with Your Weight Loss Efforts?

swim upstream weight loss

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How many times do you feel like you are struggling with weight loss? 

Do you feel like a fish swimming upstream against a strong and brutal current?

Well it truly doesn’t have to be that way.  Every time you ‘diet’ you are creating some form of resistance.  Whether it’s caused by deprivation, or caused by the strict portion control, or types of foods you are supposed to eat and in what quantities. read more

A Trip around the alphabet

A Trip Around the Alphabet

alphabetI am taking on a challenge from Suzan St Maur, writing coach:  to write a blog post in 26 sentences, each time using the appropriate first letter – in correct order.  So here it goes!

Are you fed up with the dieting industry?

Because you always seem to lose weight only to gain it back a few months later?

Chances are, you have had it with food cravings and…

Deprivation caused by dieting.

Eating like a squirrel because some “diet” recommended your daily caloric consumption to be around 1000 calories – YIKES!

Fasting to jumpstart a plateau (CRAZY!).

Growling tummy 20 hours a day. read more