Can Being Happy Help you to Release Weight?

Can Being Happy Help you to Release Weight?

 We’re seeing a lot of books out there  now discussing the importance  of happiness. Well  from a Law of Attraction  perspective we understand that the  better we feel, the more we  raise our vibration  level, which in turn puts us more  in alignment with our desires.

  But how about from the scientific perspective?

 According to over 200 research studies, happiness is linked to normal body weight,  healthier blood fat profiles, lower risk of heart disease,  and low blood pressure.  Additional studies in people over age 60 show feelings of happiness and enjoyment  is associated with improved mobility and a lower risk of developing a disability over an eight-year period.

Let’s not just stop there, but positive emotions can improve your immune system and have an effect on your genes, YES your genes! Epigenic research has shown that we have the ability to “turn genes on or off” by our  environment and our thoughts/feelings. 
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Getting Unstuck?

Getting Unstuck


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Do You Feel Stuck? It happens to the best of us. We hit a plateau or we just seem to lose steam. We drop our attention from our goal. Even if you don’t feel like you hit a plateau but you do feel like your focus has been waning, there are many things you can do to get through this.

Here are a few practices I recommend:

    • Change it up!  Change up your routine a bit. There’s nothing more invigorating than change.


    • Begin your day with Intention setting meditations. Setting intentions at the start of your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. Remember the key to intention setting is putting it in the present tense as if it has already happened, and make sure to feel it! An example – “I am so happy and grateful now that I am more mindful and present during mealtimes.”


  • EFT – Here are some tapping phrases you could use to get unstuck, using the conversational tapping method:

“I feel like I’ve lost focus on my weight release goal”

“I feel stuck”

“I’ve lost a bit of steam and motivation”

“It would be great if I could get unstuck”

“I always feel so good when I am on track with my goals”

“I just have to start”

“Baby steps are okay”

“I can start there”


“It’s going to feel really good to be motivated again”

“I am feeling a little bit better now”

“It will be easy to get on track again”

“I just need to be more mindful”

“That’s easy to do”

“I can tap for 5 minutes a day, to help me move through this”

“I’m excited to be getting back on track!”

“I can do this!”


  • Using Afformations – Afformations just like affirmations, focus on the positive. The key difference however, is asking a positive question rather than using a statement. Based on Noah St. John’s book The Secret Code of Success, an afformation is the formulation of a question to empower your mind. Rather than just stating something is true (as with an affirmation) an afformation asks why it is true. Our minds appreciate questions and are eager to search for answers. He likens this process to an “automatic search function” in the brain. Doing afformations isn’t necessarily about finding the answers, although sometimes your mind will offer up some. According to St. John, asking the questions helps you to positively manifest your desires.


Some afformations you could use are:

“How is that I am able to stay focused on my goal each and every day?”

“How is it that I am so motivated to achieve my goal?”

“Why is it that I am releasing weight so easily now?”

“Why was it so easy for me to get back on track?”

“How is it that I have no desire for sweets?”

“How did I get so good at being prepared?”

“How have I been able to release attachment to the outcome?”

“Why do I easily get enough physical exercise each day?”

“How is it that I have so much energy and vitality?”

“How is it that I fit into  size __ clothes?”

“Why is it that I only eat until I am satisfied?”

“How did I get so good at listening to my body’s signals?”

“How did I end up at my goal weight so quickly and with such ease?”


  • Join a Challenge. A challenge is a great way to get you back on track and to help you get your mojo back. I have put together the 6 Week Synergy Breakthrough Challenge and the energy is high and intentions are flying.


  • Get some additional support – enlist the help of a friend, coach, or group to help you get back on track and to help keep you accountable. Sometimes you need an accountability buddy to help put the fire under your butt.


  • Visualize yourself being motivated and doing all the things you used to do when you were focused on your goal. Periods of visualization throughout the day can be very transformative.

Sugar is NOT the Enemy

Sugar is NOT the Enemy!

(Unless of course you have diabetes or food sensitivities to sugar)

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 I know you have probably heard over and over again that you should avoid sweets at all costs. Or you may have been convinced that it’s better to substitute sugar with (poisonous cancer causing) sugar substitutes.


But I am here to tell you that sugar (natural, raw, organic sugar, and natural sweeteners like maple syrup) is not the enemy! Your body has amazing intelligence and it knows what to do with sugar (in moderation!). On the other hand, It does not know what to do with saccharine and all those other man made toxic science projects.

Sugar is the Enemy when… read more

The Book That Kept Falling Off My Bookshelf

The Book That Kept Falling Off My Bookshelf



  If you’re new to my blog you may not know this fact about me – I am a huge book lover! I am a total self-help junkie (in the best way possible), and I am always striving to better my life, and improve my emotional, spiritual, and physical health. So, with that being said, you can imagine how many books I have in my house! 

  Last week, in front of one of my bookshelves, I noticed an old book on the floor in front of the bookcase.  I put it back in it’s place on the shelf, and hours later I found it on the floor again, I picked it up and returned it once more. The next day, the same thing. The day after that my partner noticed it too and mentioned that he keeps putting it back on the shelf only to find it on the floor again.

  Seeing this as a MAJOR sign from the Universe, I decided not to put it back on the shelf,   but to read it instead.

I am about half way through the book and am paying special attention to any messages that I may need to hear.  The book is Richard Bach’s One.

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The Zen of Weight Release

The Zen of Weight Release


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The Zen of Weight Release has nothing to do with losing weight. When you think of yourself “losing weight”, do you have visions of yourself at the gym in baggy sweat pants, sweating in all the wrong places, and gasping for your next breath of air, while the twenty something sorority girl running full speed on the treadmill besides you is barely breaking a sweat? 


Do you also associate losing weight with deprivation, diets, long forgotten willpower, and anal retentive portion control?


Well that’s how many people envision losing weight. When you lose the word “lose”, and replace it with “release” you are one step closer to letting go of extra weight. 


The Zen of Weight Release is not a physical discipline that can be taught by the weight trainer at the gym, or by your Weight Watchers Instructor. The Zen of Weight Release is actually the practice of studying the mind and seeing into the nature of who you are.   read more

Feeling Stuck? 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Release!

Feeling Stuck? 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Release!



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We all have periods where we get in a rut or we feel stuck and unmotivated. Well the best way to

change that and to kickstart your weight release is to change things up a bit! The human body is

designed to automate systems and actions which is a good thing for the most part. However, over

time, the body and brain work together to create and sustain patterns and behaviors that may not

be in your best interest. Habits get created and deeply ingrained, and they become difficult to break.

You become hard wired as a result of your thoughts, feelings, and actions of the past. Every time you

react to an emotional or environmental trigger in a certain way, the pattern of behavior gets more

deeply ingrained and automatic. But don’t fret, there’s good news, you can reboot and re-program!

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The Top 15 Benefits of Life Coaching

The Top 15 Benefits of Life Coaching


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Before I list the top 15 benefits of life coaching, I will talk a bit about coaching in general. Life Coaching, weight release coaching, soulmate attraction coaching, career coaching, etc, all have one thing in common, and that is to trigger a transformation in the person who is receiving the coaching.  There are a couple roads you could take to achieve your desired transformation, the first being the road of going at it alone. This road can get you there but most of the time it will take a great deal of time and a lot of trial and error to find your way. The other road is to enlist the help and support of a teacher, coach, or mentor. Taking this road can actually enhance your journey. Not only can you expect to achieve your desired outcome quicker this way then going at it alone, but you can also expect an increase in your own personal awareness level and increase in your growth. read more

The Night Iron Man Visited My Bedroom

The Night Iron Man Visited My Bedroom


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I don’t take my celebrity crushes lightly, nor do I go simply by looks.  Character is a huge factor in whom I honor with Celebrity Crush status.  My heart is fluttering right now as I think about my celebrity crush – Robert Downey Jr. Not only is he Smokin’ Hot, but he has inner courage, strength, and integrity worthy of his Iron Man Costume.  


The other night, RDJ visited me in my bedroom, complete with his Iron Man persona.  He was larger than life and as passionate as my best dream lovers. RDJ is 49 years old but in my dream he had the energy of a 20 year old, I am 50, am also quite young at heart; however that night I was an 80 year old woman. My age didn’t matter to Iron Man.  He walked towards me with the determination of a lion stalking it’s prey, his eyes locked on to mine as he threw off his mask and took me in his arms.  I can still feel this embrace. Holy Hell!  RDJ was as handsome and strong as always, it was I, that somehow had 30 additional years added to my face, and my body.  read more

Law of Attraction and Weight Release: What if….?

Law of Attraction and Weight Release: What if Everything Worked Out For Me?


lawofattraction whatifToday’s Law of Attraction Card is What if Everything Worked Out For Me?


Playing the What If game can be very effective when using Law of Attraction for weight release. The What if game shifts your negative feelings like despair, hopelessness, and discouragement,  instantly to hopefulness, optimism, and positive expectation.

When you play the What If? game, look for things that make you feel better. There is never a situation where there isn’t a solution, but due to habit and subconscious belief programs, most people continue to choose the “lack” perspective until they are at the end of the rope where they feel there are no solutions.


Instead of focusing on the problem, like the weight gain, how hard it is for you to lose weight, or how your clothes don’t fit, decide to set your intention on seeing the evidence of your well being!  read more

Law of Attraction and Weight Release: You Are Here to Seek Joy

Law of Attraction and Weight Release: You Are Here to Seek Joy


lawofattraction seekjoyToday’s Abraham Law of Attraction Card is Welcome to Planet Earth; You are Here to Seek Joy…

This message, for me, reminds me to be easy and not sweat it!  I for one, can be quite nervous at times. When I was approaching menopause 35 lbs overweight, I began to panic. Thoughts of the latest craziest diet fad entered my mind, after that my mind drifted towards the old faithfuls that have proven to work for me in the past (in the short run), all because I was facing the high anxiety of getting older. I kept hearing in my head this loud voice shouting, “what if I can’t lose weight at my age?”  Talk about panic mode!


Well instead of falling victim to my panic and my fears, I decided to seek calmness, and joy.  I made a point to be appreciative of my life and that included my journey of having a weight problem. read more