Top 5 Ways to Experience an Energy Shift

Top 5 Ways to experience an Energy Shift

When we experience an Energy Shift we are automatically changing our energy vibration. By altering this energy vibration we are now in the process of altering what we attract in our lives.  By moving more towards a positive, optimistic energy shift, we will begin to see more positive and uplifting experiences in our outer world.  We send out messages to the Universe that the time is now for a shift.

Energy Shift

Photo credit: Alexandria LaNier / / CC BY-NC

The Best 5 Ways to Start this Energy Shift and to bring yourself into alignment with the energy vibration you want to attract is:

  1. Set your intention for the New You that you would like to evolve to.  
    Imagine the qualities that you would possess when you achieve this energy shift. What would that feel like? Explore the feelings associated with the new YOU and basque in this feeling place for 2 to 3 minutes numerous times throughout the day.  Being with this feeling and setting your intention is the first step to experiencing an energy shift and altering your energy vibration.

  2. Envision your future self as radiant, confident, positive, and enlightened.  Visualize seeing your future self meeting your present self in a garden or meadow.  Ask her questions like, “What are the steps I need to take to achieve this energy shift?”   “What do I need to release before hand, to make this happen?” , “What else do I need to know to go forward on this path?”  “What are my blocks that I need to release before this can happen for me?”  Make sure when meditating on this that you don’t get caught up in the logistics of making this happen. Simply be with your future self and listen to what she/he has to say and afterwards write down the messages you have received during visualization exercise.

  3. Identify and begin to use EFT, aka Emotional Freedom Technique, to release those blocks, areas of resistance, or limiting beliefs.  We all have old programs that keep us stuck. They impinge on our ability to grow and expand to higher levels of consciousness. When we delete these old programs at the energetic level, we get to the core issues that have created these blocks and we open the doors for new possibilities and a total energy shift and higher energy vibration.  EFT is something that can be easily learned and easy to do, but many times it takes an experienced EFT practitioner to help uncover underlying core issues that are at the heart of the programs.  If you would like to explore Energy clearing through EFT with me, check out my one on one sessions or group classes or tele-seminars. 

  4. Mindfulness Meditation.  Practicing a silent, mindfulness meditation technique is one of the best ways to silence the mind and release resistance.  When we meditate we calm our nervous system and quiet the mind.  When the mind is overactive with chatter, it can sometimes lend a hand to self-sabotage.  When we quiet our mind for 20 minutes, once to twice a day, we begin to release those stresses and therefore, cleaning our energy field. We open ourselves up to the law of allowing (#5).

  5. Allowing. The Law of Allowing  is simply that – allowing the Universe to deliver our desires on a time frame that may not be within our control.  When we release the need to ‘control’ every circumstance in our lives we are allowing the universe to deliver our desires in an unrestricted way, the Universe organizes the world around us to manifest and fulfill our desires.When we are not allowing we are resisting. When we are resisting, we are creating energy blocks, therefore;  we are not manifesting our desires. You can see why this law is extremely important.

When you participate in these 5 steps, you will experience an energy shift and you will begin to start living magically. With practice you will become better and better at these 5 steps and you will become a Magical Maven!