EFT for Weight Loss – Day 5 – Stress Eating

EFT For Weight Loss – Day 5 – Stress Eating


Stress Eating!!! We all do it.  Watch how you can eliminate stress eating, binge eating and emotional eating using EFT. 

EFT for weight loss is an  incredibly powerful tool, don’t leave home without it!  By tapping on my food and weight issues, I have actually cleared some abundance issues as well.  I love it how that works!

EFT for Weight Loss – Day 4 – Overeating

EFT for Weight Loss – Day 4 – Overeating

Today I focus on clearing the issues surrounding overeating and having to eat everything on my plate, even though I am satisfied or full, using EFT for weight loss tapping techniques.

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What are your overeating issues? Exploring our patterns and habits is the best way to uncover core issues surrounding the reason we overeat. Then by using EFT for weight loss, we help to clear and remove those old programs for good!

EFT for Weight Loss Day 3 – What is Your Ideal Weight?

What is Your Ideal Weight?

When we use EFT for Weight Loss, it’s a good idea to ask yourself : What is your ideal weight?  The reason being that the answer you get may actually create some resistance or negative emotion surrounding it.

Some questions and fill in the blanks that you may ask yourself with regards to What is your ideal weight, would be –

What would my consequences be if I reached my ideal weight of _____?

In order to lose that much weight I would have to____________.

Losing weight would be nice but what I really want is ______________.

Losing weight reminds me of _____________.

This should help you discover some of your core issues surrounding your weight issues, and areas to focus your EFT tapping session.

Here is Day 3 on My Journey – Huge block uncovered, tap along with me using your personal statements/issues or you can benefit as well from using mine.  If you use my statements and they don’t pertain to yours, it may in fact spark your mind to expose your core issues.