How to juggle it all?

How to juggle it all?

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Many of us work full time jobs, have children and a household to run and organize; and sometimes it’s just too overwhelming to even consider adding one more thing on our plates.

When you are faced with low energy or lethargy due to being overweight, I can totally relate to your overwhelm and discouragement.  I mean, how in the world do you have the energy (and time) to exercise, eat right (we don’t say diet in my world), and discover/clear the underlying reasons that are at the source of your negative eating habits?

Well I have come up with 8 steps to make your life easier when facing the need to release the weight and keep up with all your other priorities: read more

Do You Feel You’re Swimming Upstream with Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Do You Feel You’re Swimming Upstream with Your Weight Loss Efforts?

swim upstream weight loss

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How many times do you feel like you are struggling with weight loss? 

Do you feel like a fish swimming upstream against a strong and brutal current?

Well it truly doesn’t have to be that way.  Every time you ‘diet’ you are creating some form of resistance.  Whether it’s caused by deprivation, or caused by the strict portion control, or types of foods you are supposed to eat and in what quantities. read more

Angel Card Reading – Vacuum Away Fear

Angel Card Reading – Vacuum Away Fear


Vacuum Away Fear

Angel Card – Vacuum Away Fear

I have decided to Post 10 days of Angel Card Readings using Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Cards.  Today is Day 7.  As I sit quietly in a calm and relaxed state, I ask the Universe to show me a card with a message that is important for whomever stumbles upon this post.   While keeping the cards down I select a card from the fanned out stack.  Today’s Angel Card Reading is the Vacuum Away Fear.  

On the card it says:  “Call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael to lift fear-based energy from you, your surroundings, this situation, and everyone involved.”

The in depth meaning per the booklet enclosed with the Oracle Cards:  You chose this card because you, or someone close to you, have absorbed some energies of fear.  They could have been self-generated from your own foreboding or may have come from being with fearful people.   read more

How EFT Can Help You to Release the Weight

How EFT Can Help You to Release the Weight


The 7  Steps to My Synergy Weight Release System are:

EFT for weight loss

EFT Tapping points


  1. Tune In
  2. Discovery
  3. Clear
  4. Release
  5. Love
  6. Attract
  7. Recreate


EFT  is one of my favorite tools to help you during the Clearing Step of my system. 

You may be wondering what EFT is.  For starters EFT is an emotional, needle free version of acupuncture that is based on discoveries regarding the connection between your body’s subtle energies, your emotions and your health. EFT removes old, stored up emotional wounds as well as limiting beliefs.

EFT involves tapping on meridian points while saying specific phrases. read more

8 Steps to Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

What is Intuitive Eating?

First off I can tell you what it’s not and then we’ll go from there.  It’s not overeating, it’s not dieting. It’s not binging or deprivation or even the next biggest weight loss craze.  Intuitive Eating means listening to your body’s signals.  Allow the inner wisdom to come out.  Eat only when you are hungry and eat only until you are satisfied.  When you adopt intuitive eating you will no longer take

intuitive eating

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part in the yo-yo diet syndrome.  You won’t need to!  If you are wanting long lasting weight release, transitioning towards intuitive eating is really the only way to go since diets fail time and time again.

Take those naturally thin people who live life by eating to live rather than living to eat. They are intuitive eaters. They are not obsessing about what they are eating, or what they should be eating or what they are going to eat for dinner.  They just enjoy, they don’t overeat and they live life fully! Their attention is on life, more than it is on food. Even if you love food and are a foodie, it can still be a passion for you, but in a totally different context. You don’t have to lose that part of yourself, we are merely removing the obsessive behavior and clearing the programs that are at the heart of your weight problem.

If you  have had  food obsessions, cravings, and compulsions that have controlled you all of your life, intuitive eating may seem like a dream.  If you are an emotional read more

EFT Tapping for Weight Loss – Association Eating- Popcorn and Movies

EFT tapping for Weight Loss – Association Eating- Popcorn and Movies

Today we use EFT tapping for weight loss to focus on Association Eating patterns. 

Do you have associative eating patterns where you eat merely because of associations? I tap on eating popcorn at the movies.  Are you ready to release your association eating habits?  Has any core issues come to mind while you were tapping on the surface issues?

Many times when we tap on global or surface issues, the mind will send us real or imagined memories.  This is the mind’s way of giving us clues as to our next steps in releasing the baggage. EFT tapping for weight loss is most effective when tapping on core issues, but the best place to start is with the issues that are at the surface.

EFT for Weight Loss – Living to Eat – instead of eating to live

EFT for Weight Loss:  Living to Eat – instead of eating to live


Wow had a breakthrough in this EFT for weight loss session! Amazed at what came up when I tapped on Living to Eat instead of Eating to Live, but I am a Foodie and don’t want to lose that part of me! (maybe I don’t have to)

Transformational experience!  WooHoo!

See you next time,

Magical Journeys,


EFT for Weight Loss – Doubt

EFT for Weight Loss – Doubt

Today we focus on Doubt in ourselves, that we can lose the weight we want and keep it off. I have discovered a limiting belief that is a core issue causing doubt that I can truly lose the weight and keep it off, and that belief was due to my age.  I am 49, going through peri- menopause and all I hear from women my age is how hard it is to lose weight at our age, or how hard it is to keep the weight off during menopause.  Well this is just a false belief, that has gained acceptance from so many people.  I choose to not accept this belief and I clear the doubt energetically.

I rewire my thoughts and configure my body, mind, and soul to be in vibrational alignment with  my desire of losing weight and keeping it off.  I released that doubt and now I have created a new mindset – a new belief!

What did you discover?

Magical Journeys,


EFT Tapping for weight loss – Hungry Shortly After Eating

EFT Tapping for weight loss – Hungry Shortly After Eating

Why is it that many times we are hungry shortly after eating.  Using EFT Tapping for weight loss I have discovered that because I was so used to snacking every night after dinner that my mind and my stomach were disconnected and my mind was sending my stomach messages out of pure habit even though I have stopped snacking for weeks now!

I use EFT Tapping for weight loss to remove that old program and actually reprogram my mind and body to be more in alignment.  I released the need for my mind to send that false signal to my stomach.

Is this a problem that you face?  I will keep you posted on my success!

3.5 pounds down after 3 weeks, not bad for not “dieting” . The best thing is my bad eating habits are disappearing and I am more in control.  Food doesn’t control me like it used to!

Until Next time,

Magical Journeys,