How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 3)

How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 3)


EFT for weight loss

EFT Tapping points

Today I am going to explain an easy technique, called EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, that is a powerful tool to shift your weight set point, as well as delete old subconscious programs that no longer serve you.


First of all if you answered the questions on fear or old stories that were the focus of the last two blog posts, you will also want to use EFT tapping on the results of those results.


But first, if you are unsure of what EFT is or how it works,  I recommend clicking here for a complimentary video lesson and downloadable worksheets.

Once you see how it works and practice a bit, you can use it to tap on instructing your body to create a new weight set point.

An example of how to tap on a new weight set point, I would use the conversational tapping approach and simply tap on the EFT tapping points on the head and torso, as shown in the photo above while stating your new desired weight set point. See below for a sample tapping exercise:


On Start of Eyebrow:  My body really loves being at ________lbs. (fill in your ideal weight/new desired weight set point)

On end of Eyebrow:  It’s really easy to release the extra weight and be at __________lbs.

Under Eye:  It feels so good to naturally weigh ______ lbs

Under Nose:  I love being at my natural weight set point of _____lbs.

On Chin:  My body naturally gravitates towards ____lbs easily and effortlessly.

On start of collar bone:  My eating and exercise behaviors are supportive of weighing ____lbs.

Under arm:  I feel so good at ____lbs.

Top of head:  My body loves weighing _____lbs.


Take note of your feelings doing this tapping exercise. If you heard any gremlin voices, it’s best to take note of them, because you may have discovered some old limiting beliefs that you would want to clear using EFT.


EFT is amazing! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to further explore how the Synergy Weight Release Program can work for you.


All my best,


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  1. I love EFT! I have used it so often to change my beliefs, emotions and even thoughts. It’s made a HUGE difference to my life, and anyone can learn how to do it. Thank you for sharing this great healing technique so others can use it too. Blessings Maryann. Andrea

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