How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 1)

How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 1)


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Since just about everything in your life has a set point based on your mindset, patterns, habits, beliefs, and stories; the only way to experience a break through is to first focus on your inner game.


When focusing on your inner game let’s look at the gremlin – fear. Fear can be one of the biggest players in keeping a set point alive and well. You may not be consciously aware that there’s some underlying fear, however let’s explore this a little bit further.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What would I lose if I released all the weight I want to release?

  2. How would my life change if I reached my goal weight?

  3. What would I gain by releasing all the weight?

  4. Who would I need to be to release the weight and thin and healthy?

  5. What would my life look like if I weighed ____pounds?

  6. Who would I become if I weighed ____pounds?

  7. What would people say if I released all that weight?

  8. What am I afraid would happen if I weighed ____pounds?

After answering these 8 questions did you uncover any fear gremlins or resistance gremlins? 

Many times, simply by discovering the gremlins beneath, is all it takes to experience a breakthrough; however I always like to be thorough, and use clearing tools like EFT to energetically clear the program and rewire the brain.


Tuning in, Discover, and Clearing are 3 of my 7 steps to my Synergy Weight Release System, and they are necessary if you want to experience a true shift in your mind, your body, and your life.


Join me here tomorrow when we further explore breaking through your weight set point.


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6 comments on “How to Break Through Your Weight Set Point (Part 1)

  1. So excited to see you use the word “release” instead of “lose”. When you lose something, that means you have to find it! Releasing something means letting it go. Big difference! I don’t want to lose weight, and then have to go find it again!

    Very insightful questions!

  2. I have much to examine from your list to ask myself, thank you for making it a positive viewpoint. Visiting today from The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  3. Hi Maryann, great post! I agree, it’s often hidden fears that keep us in our comfort zone, even if we don’t think we want to be there. Der, of course I want to be slim! My first thought when I started going through the questions is that what I’d lose is my entire wardrobe and I’d have nothing to wear! Although that’s said for comedic effect, actually it is a valid concern when I think about it as I can’t afford to buy new clothes at the moment. I wonder if that’s holding me back?! tap, tap, tap. Looking forward to part 2. Blessings, Andrea

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