The Book That Kept Falling Off My Bookshelf

The Book That Kept Falling Off My Bookshelf



  If you’re new to my blog you may not know this fact about me – I am a huge book lover! I am a total self-help junkie (in the best way possible), and I am always striving to better my life, and improve my emotional, spiritual, and physical health. So, with that being said, you can imagine how many books I have in my house! 

  Last week, in front of one of my bookshelves, I noticed an old book on the floor in front of the bookcase.  I put it back in it’s place on the shelf, and hours later I found it on the floor again, I picked it up and returned it once more. The next day, the same thing. The day after that my partner noticed it too and mentioned that he keeps putting it back on the shelf only to find it on the floor again.

  Seeing this as a MAJOR sign from the Universe, I decided not to put it back on the shelf,   but to read it instead.

I am about half way through the book and am paying special attention to any messages that I may need to hear.  The book is Richard Bach’s One.


It’s a story about Richard and his wife traveling through space and time and meeting with their alternate selves. You see, the book talks about the idea that we live our lives across many different parallel universes at the same time!

Richard and his wife Leslie find themselves in different planes of reality, coming face to face with their parallel selves at different stages of their lives. They share with their “other” selves lessons learned and wisdom earned, hoping that their younger selves will heed their advice. There are infinite number of possible realities, as they learn from a guide, who is a merged version of the two of them. It’a a really cool book and very thought provoking.


So this book really got me to thinking…

Wouldn’t it be amazing to regularly talk to one of your “other” selves, the one who has achieved all your dreams?  What would she/he suggest you do differently? What other wisdom would she/he share with you? What roadblocks would you encounter and what ways to avoid them?


We all have that infinite wisdom within ourselves, but sometimes we just need to explore different ways to access it.

Perhaps this book is telling me that I need to help my readers and clients with accessing their alternate or future selves. There’s amazing wisdom to be found at the soul level of consciousness. I met my soulmate in the Soul plane, and I learned about the steps I need to take with my business when I connected with my future self. I tuned in to my Inner Wellness Guide when it came to deciding what foods I needed to eat more of and less of in order to get off the weight plateau.  I know how powerful the inner journey is when accessing knowledge and wisdom, not to mention making our dreams a reality!


What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them! Is this something you’d be interested in exploring more of?  Please comment below.

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