Finding Love

Finding Love

Does finding love seem like a arduous chore? Are you tired of attracting the same kind of partner over and over again?  Are you ready to break old patterns and manifest your soulmate? Finding love is a very simple process but one that takes determination, a willingness to do the work needed and a very clear intention of what it is you’re looking for in THE ONE.

It is my belief that we have at least one soulmate out there for us. Have you ever heard the old saying “there’s someone for Finding loveeveryone”? Well that is extremely accurate. There is someone out there for you that is absolutely PERFECT FOR YOU and YOU are PERFECT for him/her. It is through the synchronicities of the universe that the manifestation of our soulmate occurs. Those delicious, unexplained coincidences open our eyes to the power we have when we are in alignment with our soul and the Universe. There are steps involved in doing this and remember the universe works in it’s own time frame, not ours, so patience is the key as well as being present in the state of knowingness that he/she is on the way.

Some of the steps to finding love are:

1. Be very clear on the characteristics of the person you want to attract. Not necessarily physical characteristics unless certain physical qualities are important to you, but mostly emotional, spiritual, personality, and lifestyle traits that you want in a partner. The more precise you are the more the universe will understand what you are looking for. It’s like going to a restaurant and placing your order with all your specifics.

2. Learn to love yourself, because if you don’t love you then no one else will.

3. Not needing someone in your life to fill any voids or to complete you. You need to be complete and whole on your own. read more