Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading

Many times we come to a crossroads, or we are not sure if we are heading on the best path.  An Angel Card Reading can help you make those decisions that are in your

throat chakra

Angel Card – Throat Chakra

higher self’s best interest.

Angel Cards do not have any scary images or messages, they are always uplifting and right on point.  They do not give you an outcome as the future isn’t set in stone.  What an angel card reading will give you is:

  • Confirmation about the path you are on
  • The best path to take given a certain circumstance
  • The best way to handle a situation that you are facing in your life
  • Life purpose questions
  • Relationship guidance
  • What you need to know about a situation and how to overcome obstacles you may be facing


 3 Ways to Get angel card reading from me:

1. Emailed readings

When I give an angel card reading I will ask you what you are looking for guidance on.

The best way to phrase your questions is like this:

“What do I need to know about __________?”

“What direction should I take regarding __________?”

“How should I handle _____________?”

“I am uncertain about my purpose in life, what do I need to do to open up to it and what direction should I take?”


Angel Card Readings by Email are $15, please allow 1-2 business days for your report.   Phone readings also available by special request for additional charge.  Contact Me if you would like more information on Phone Readings

Your Question

2. Phone Readings

Phone readings are $100

Once you purchase your reading, I will send you an email to schedule a time for the phone/skype reading.

3. Free – Daily Angel Card Readings delivered to your Email

Simply sign up below to receive daily reading via email Monday through Friday:

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