An Angel Card Message for the New Year – Release

An Angel Card Message for the New Year


Angel Card Release



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Today’s Angel Card is Release


When we welcome the New Year, and give gratitude for the previous year’s blessings and lessons, it’s a perfect time to shed the old.  Old beliefs, habits, and fears act like clutter in your energy field and they prevent you from manifesting your desires.  Archangel Michael is sending you a very powerful message today to release!



You may need to de-clutter your house, or your energy or vibration.  It’s time to finally let go of what no longer

serves you anymore.  Is it fear?  Is it procrastination?  Is it the clutter in your office?  Is it unhealed emotions?

All of these things can create blocks and therefore prevent the fruition of your goals and visions. 


The angels are speaking volumes with this one little card today. 


When you get a chance, grab a sheet of paper and on the left side write down all of the “things” (emotional, physical, energetic) that

have been in your life this past year that you are ready to release.  On the right side list the areas where it created blocks, or upset,

or dis-ease.  Now take a thick magic marker and diagonally across the page, write the word in big letters:  RELEASE

Then it would be a great idea to ceremoniously burn this list – releasing it forever into the ethers.  If you have any sage,

now would be a perfect time to sage your home and sacred space.


Now on a new sheet of paper write down your new list of emotional, physical, and energetic transformations along with any of your

goals and desires for the new year!


Have fun with this, and remember, you have the power to manifest your dreams and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.  It

takes courage to release what doesn’t serve you and it takes determination and motivation to take inspired action.


I look forward to hearing about all of the magic that you are manifesting in your life!

Much Love,


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6 comments on “An Angel Card Message for the New Year – Release

  1. This card is perfect especially for the beginning of a new year. I am taking my time to be more organized, and to keep things from being cluttered. Thanks for sharing

  2. Welcome back Maryann, and a Happy New Year to you! I love your angel card readings, as you know. They are always spot on, and I love the way you give us a bit of a personal interpretation or sharing too. When I first read this card today, I thought, oh-oh, the angels have got it wrong for the first time. Hmm…gave it a bit more thought because that didn’t seem quite right…and realised there actually is something that I’m hanging on to, a resentment over asking a relative for help over Christmas and being sent away with a flea in my ear. I still feel emotional about it I have just realised, despite the fact I thought I had already released this…so, thanks for the nudge. Release, let go! Love, Andrea

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