A Warrior’s Gratitude

A Warrior’s Gratitude

warrior's gratitude


Since it’s November, I see a lot of bloggers participating in 30 days of gratitude.  I love bringing more gratitude into my  life but at times I really don’t take the time to be present fully to sit with my feelings of appreciation.  That’s when I realize that it’s time to slow down, and be more present so that I truly am able to feel the gratitude!

Once we allow ourselves to be present, it’s pretty easy to feel gratitude for all those things we have and are thankful for; like our home, our job, our family, etc.  But what about accessing the Warrior’s Gratitude

The Warrior’s Gratitude is being in a place of appreciation for all of our struggles, you know, those crappy events that sometimes seem like they go on for ever, feeling like it’s almost impossible to break the cycle?  To access the Warrior’s Gratitude you need to call upon all your strength and courage to face it head on.  The key to achieving the Warrior’s Gratitude is to find the gift(s) that the struggle(s) has given you.  Only then, will you open up your channels to feel the appreciation for the struggle.  

I will access my Warrior’s Gratitude today and share my struggle and the gifts it has given me:

Struggle topic:  Financial


  1. I am learning to be more responsible with my money
  2. I am finding more appreciation in service to others, whether free or for a fee
  3. I am learning to trust and have faith in the Universe
  4. I am fine tuning my law of attraction skills to master this “money thing” – (If I could master the weight issues, then I certainly can master the money issue!)
  5. I know I will be more appreciative, and won’t take situations for granted in the future.

Now I will sit with the gratitude, feeling thankful for this struggle, as it is teaching me many things.  When I have learned what I need to know, the shift will occur.

Now to set my intention: 

I am so happy and grateful now that an abundance of  money flows to me easily and effortlessly, from a variety of different income sources.  Thank you, and so it is!

Are you ready to access the Warrior’s Gratitude?

What are you grateful for today?


9 comments on “A Warrior’s Gratitude

  1. I have been doing this. I love the phrase Warrior’s Gratitude! I have been faced with a few personal challenges, but I’m truly grateful for these experiences. I will share one, even though it’s a little personal, I hope maybe it will help illustrate your point. I’m having to move out of my home, and do not have anywhere to go. We will be living with a dear friend while we find somewhere, but in the meantime we will be effectively homeless, our belongings scattered around friends and family. My parents arrived 2 days ago, clucking and full on ‘sort this mess out’ mode. It occurred to me that this is a recurring theme between me and my father. He finds it difficult to show his love in a feeling way or with words, and he’s always done it with money. He bought me presents and gave me money all through my childhood and into adulthood. But, here’s the breakthrough, in order for me to receive my father’s love in this way, I have to be in need of financial rescuing. I have to be poor so my father can give me money and so the love. Warrior gratitude indeed. Now I can free myself and my father from this non serving way of being. As I step into owning my financial situation and let go of the need for my father to rescue me, or even show me his love, so in turn it frees us both. I don’t need him to show me his love, I already have it. Too right I’m grateful for this experience, for the learning and healing that’s available. It is Awesome!

  2. Grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge of online marketing and blogging. I has been a bumpy road but well worth it.
    I am blessed to be working from home and retired from the corporate world. I am blessed for my family and friends who continue to support and cheer me on.
    Taking control of my financial future has been life changing and I am extremely grateful for that.

    Great post and I love your insight and thoughts. Continue to inspire.

  3. I love that definition of the warrior’s gratitude. When I was sick for a year, I didn’t know why it was all happening, but I knew there was a reason greater than I could imagine at the time. Today, because of that illness, I have started my own company teaching kids to read online all over the world. It probably never would have happened if I didn’t have the warrior’s grattitude.

  4. Hi Mary,

    Nearly weird that yesterday I was playing around with the word Warrior in a few new domain name ideas that I have. I love Warrior Gratitude and it’s a great way to describe feeling grateful when feeling grateful seems like a reach or a struggle.

    My Warrior Gratitude goes to a person – Janet Powers, who is seriously knocking some sense into me about the direction of where I’m going, what I’m doing, and what my ultimate end game is. I have a four hour session with her on Sunday morning and I know it’s going to be brutal but in the end, I’ll be forever grateful.


    Peggy Nolan

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