7 Things to Look for in a Holistic Weight Release Coach

7 Things to Look for in a Holistic Weight Release Coach


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Are you…

Fed up with diets that only deliver short term results?

Tired of the deprivation that has gone hand in hand with losing weight?

Confused about what foods to eat and how much?

Confused about the conflicting information about fats, carbs, or proteins?

Have you had it with diet leaders telling you that you need a lifestyle change?

Feeling disconnected and know that there has got to be a better way?


Well then, you may benefit perfectly from working with a weight release coach or mentor.

Many weight release coaches focus more on you, the individual, rather than the diet.  The reasons why 95% of people gain the weight back after losing it on a “diet”,  is because diets don’t factor in the body, mind, and soul connection.  Diets treat us like we are just our bodies.  And you know we aren’t.  Another reason why diets fail is that diets require willpower!  If you have to rely on willpower with all your subconscious programs around food running, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Diets don’t address these programs that are literally in charge of you and keeping you a slave to your cravings, negative habits, and food obsessions.

This is where a holistic weight release coach or mentor comes in.

They help you to discover the root causes for your eating behaviors.

They show you ways to actually retrain your subconscious mind.

They help you to eliminate your limiting beliefs.

They teach you to rediscover you, and to love yourself and your body, where you are right now, while helping you to stick to your goals and keeping you accountable.

So if you realize that you want a real solution that’s going to last, and a solution that will actually heal your relationship with food while transforming your body, then a holistic weight release coach may be your answer.

Here are 7 things to look for in a holistic weight release coach:

  1. Has the coach ever had a weight problem?  I see many coaches out there that have never struggled with weight but feel they can truly help you to release the weight.  Having a weight problem for most of my life, I can tell you, that unless they lived with the uncontrollable food cravings and obsessions they have no idea where I am coming from.  I, personally,  would only work with a coach that has struggled with weight.

  2. Does the coach’s style resonate with you?  Do you work best with someone a little softer around the edges, more gentle and nurturing,  or do you want someone like Jillian, on the Biggest Loser, to kick your butt?

  3. Is the coach flexible to your needs or do you have to fit into one of their programs that doesn’t fit for you?  The way to insure your success is to participate in a program that fits your needs, you are the client after all.  With many coaches out there it’s their way or the highway, and they are  not truly meeting the needs of their clients.  As a coach, I can respect designing a business to look like anything that the coach desires.  However, my primary goal is not about ME, its about YOU, and helping you to succeed.  It’s always more beneficial for you to find a coach that finds the balance between your needs and theirs.

  4. Are the program or coaching fees affordable to you?  Is the coach willing to meet you half way and offer a payment plan?  The willingness of the coach to meet you where you are is a big deal.  I can’t tell you how often I couldn’t take a course that I really needed because I couldn’t afford it.  If the coach offered me other options that were helpful and that I could afford, I always felt that this coach was truly wanting to help me succeed and she made a point to make me feel special.  There’s nothing worse than being tossed out with the bath water because you can’t afford a $10,000 (you pick the number) program.

  5. Do you like the coach as a person, can you relate to her or him? Are you able to connect with this person?  If you are going to be doing any one on one private coaching or group coaching with this person, it would be very helpful if you found them likeable and personable.  If you are just taking a home study course without any individual coaching, then this wouldn’t matter as much.

  6. Does the coach come from integrity and do they seem natural, or it all about the hype?  There is such a delicate balance between getting the point across about their passion for wanting to help you, and appearing like a boat load of overinflated hype.  Do what feels right to you.  If you’re on the fence about whether a coach is all hype or truly coming from their heart and being with integrity, then call them up and chat with them to see what lies beneath and if you have a connection.

  7. Is the coach accessible?  If you are going to sign up for a home study program, then the coach may not be as accessible as if you enter a 1:1 coaching relationship with the coach.  How important is accessibility to you and this is something you should factor in when deciding on a coach and a program.


I hope this gives you a great start on your journey if you are considering working with a coach or mentor.

If you would like a complimentary strategy session with me to see if we are a good fit, Click here to set up a free appointment.  I look forward to connecting with you soon.


10 comments on “7 Things to Look for in a Holistic Weight Release Coach

  1. In my line of work, energy healing, it makes perfect sense to go to the root of the cause for weight gain in the first place. Clear the issue, and it becomes easy to lose the weight! Sounds like you’re providing a great service!

  2. I have never heard of a holistic weight loss coach before, but it makes sense to me. To address the root cause of weight gain and deal with the person as an individual rather than a blanket diet makes a lot of sense. Great tips for finding the ideal coach too, thanks for sharing.

  3. I so agree with you that diets don’t factor in the body, mind, and soul connection. That is so critical when working with people who need to release the weight.

    Wonderful work you are doing!
    Healthy Blessings,

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